5 Fortnite hacks that are actually scams

5 Fortnite hacks that are actually scams

Fortnite, the game developed by Epic Games is sweeping. Its entertaining mechanics, the possibility of playing on different platforms and that it is free (in the case of Battle Royale) have made it one of the most popular games and played by millions of users. But not all that glitters in this game is gold. Fortnite has had its pros and cons, and that is that a relatively new game has its flaws. In this case, the large community of users took advantage of these bugs or bugs to win games or eliminate enemies. Although there are fewer and fewer glitches in Fortnite, Hacks are a straightforward alternative, but obviously not a good one. Besides Epic Games can delete your account, there are many hacks on the internet that are malicious . Next, we tell you five that we have detected.

Turkey generator program

First, a program that generates Turkeys, the Fortnite currency with which we can get Skins, Axes, dances, gestures or battle passes. Supposedly, this Hack adds Turkeys (also called V-Bucks) to our Epic Games account. It has a very simple interface, where we only have to put our full name, the username in Epic Games and choose how many turkeys we want in our account. We can choose between one thousand, ten thousand, one hundred thousand or nine hundred and ninety-nine thousand. But what is behind this generator are nothing more and nothing less than three Trojans that can affect our device. How? Having control of our computer, viewing bank details, passwords or remotely accessing applications (to give some examples). Does it generate Turkeys? We have not tested it. But, even so, under no circumstances is it advisable to download this program.

V-Bucks free and without programs? Wait…


Interface of the website offered by V-Buks for free.

This V-Bucks generator (also called Turkeys) is also very, very suspicious. It is very easy to find, with a quick search on Google it appears on the front page, with advertising links. The same thing happens on YouTube. The website has a very, very similar design to Epic Games. It asks us for our username in Fortnite, as well as how many free coins we want in our account. After doing a kind of check, it will ask us for our phone number to send us a tutorial. This is where we should be suspicious. Isn't it easier to post a video with the tutorial? Or even the steps on the page itself? They are very likely to use your phone number to send you spam or malicious messages. Also, your phone bill could be increased due to a 'subscription' when entering your phone number on that page. The best thing is to distrust.

Another turkey generator with shady verification methods

There are many V-Bucks generators for Fortnite, and with this currency we can get practically everything, battle pass, skins, characters, dances etc. Riskier users look for a service or program that adds free turkeys to their account. We have found another alleged generator with a very suspicious verification system. After completing the steps that it asks us (choose how much money we want, username ...) it sends us to an identity verification method. This is summarized in four options that are advertising.For example, he asks us to get our tips and tricks for Harry Poter. If we press, a new window opens where we have to enter our phone number. Of course, I have not introduced it. If we return to the verification page, it shows us a kind of box as the verification is being validated. As we have not put our phone number, it is not validated. We got to the point of the previous scam, if they get our phone number they could send us reverse charge SMS, and our phone bill is not going to like anything. It would even be cheaper to buy V-Bucks as normal.

Another scam that supposedly generates turkeys


V-Buks generator with Google account.

Be careful, because this turkey generator can be very dangerous. Use a very different method. In this case, it asks us to log in with our Google account . Why is it so dangerous if many services ask us for our account? If we provide the Google account you can view all our personal data, including banking. Therefore, it is important not to apply our Google account to any type of hack or generator. This is the supposed generator of turkeys.

100% real hack?

Finally, a rather suspicious Fortnite Hack. A user uploads a video to YouTube explaining the function of the hack and how to download it. We go to the link and it takes us to the Mega portal, where we can download the files to patch Fortnite . But first, we go to a virus scanner web page and add the download link. To our surprise, the analysis marks four parameters as unsafe. Prevention is better than cure, so it is advisable not to download this Hack.