First rumors of Windows 8.2 and Windows 9

windows 8 1 update

Microsoft has just released the Windows 8.1 Update, a delivery that, without containing too many new features, improves certain aspects of the system that facilitate the management of windows. Although this latest installment is fresh out of the oven, it does not prevent rumors and leaks from appearing about the next updates, in fact it intensifies them since it is logical to look to the future. The WMPoweruser blog has published some details that we could see in the next versions of the Microsoft platform, specifically they talk about Windows 8.2 and Windows 9 . The information comes from the hand of WZOR, a well-known source of leaks about the Redmond system that has been successful in the past although, as always, it must be understood as unconfirmed rumors .

On the one hand is Windows 8.2 , which will continue to be an update within the framework of Windows 8 and will arrive soon. This installment is also known as Windows 8.1 Update 2 , but its final name has not been decided, and it is expected to reach users next   fall . Among the most outstanding novelties would be the return of the classic start menu , as shown at the BUILD conference . Microsoft modified the design of its platform with the arrival of Windows 8 , but also its structure. Recovering the start menu is a way of recognizing user requests, but also thatthe structure of Windows 8 is somewhat confusing. Windows 8.2 would be the delivery in charge of rescuing this section and also the Metro applications in windows.

windows 8 1 update

On the other hand, Windows 9 will be the next big update of the system, whose launch is further away in time. Microsoft could be preparing a new Metro interface with an updated design. Logically, it will continue to have the start menu and applications in windows, just like Windows 8.2. However, WZOR talks about the start menu not being present on touch screen devices, at least not in its classic form, but it would be adapted in another way. The computers without touch screen and servers themselves would keep the menu usual starting. Microsoft would also be considering releasing a free version of Windows 9, but for now they would not have decided anything about it.

On the other hand, Microsoft is busy with the latest update to its mobile operating system. Windows Phone 8.1 was presented at the BUILD conference and has been available to registered developers for a few days . The company is working on fixing some bugs so that the new version reaches all users as soon as possible. Among the novelties is the Cortana assistant , which would also work on computers, and the Action Center to view notifications and activate widely used tools. This delivery will arrive as an update to all smartphones with Windows Phone 8, but at the moment they have not confirmed if all the models will have all the news or there will be limitations in the most basic ones.