▷ What is Ontas and why is it going viral on Twitter and Instagram

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Ontas, Onta, Ontoy and other variants of the happy word are reaching popularity shares comparable even to those of the 10 Years Challenge on social networks such as Twitter and Instagram. The word in question has its origin in Mexico, and its recent popularization has more to do with an anecdotal fact than with its use by the Mexican people. What does Ontas mean? What is Ontas and what is its meaning? We see it below.

What does Ontas mean: origin and reason for its popularization

The origin of the word Ontas, as we predicted at the beginning of the post, is of recent construction, and its use is limited to that of social networks .

what is ontas

The meaning of Ontas, as it can be seen in many “street” dictionaries, is constituted by an informal and casual proposition of sex or to “watch movies” with the aim of having sex through social media applications such as Tinder , Instagram or Twitter. The word in question bears a certain resemblance to the expression "Netflix and Chill?", Which in millennial slang translates as "movie and sex?" The use of this, unlike Ontas, is limited to the English and American public.

As for the popularization of the word Ontas, the reason for all the commotion is the signature of Alex Ruiz , a hitherto unknown Twitter and Instagram user who a few days ago communicated through Instagram Direct Messages with Lily Collins , well-known British-American actress and model, through the aforementioned word.

Now what happens? pic.twitter.com/eiBP3W44wm

- Alex Ruiz (@DimeAlets) April 16, 2019

The user in question wrote Ontas with the aim of offering casual sex to the protagonist of Snow White through private Instagram messaging. Collins, far from knowing the meaning of Ontas, asked Ruiz about the meaning of it.


- Drake Bell (@DrakeBell) April 18, 2019

Since then, there have been several hundred, even thousands of users, who have written to a multitude of stars related to the world of music, cinema and entertainment in general with the aim of obtaining a response from their idols. Even celebrities as relevant as Alejandro Sanz, Drake Bell, Steve Aoki, Paty Cantú or Helenita Culichi have joined this trend .

Why do they ask me so much ONTOY? 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️😳 #ontas

- Alejandro Sanz (@AlejandroSanz) April 18, 2019

The anecdotal thing about the word is that many users, both on Twitter and Instagram, have responded to their idols by describing the wrong meaning of the word. Specifically, the meaning that Ontas or Onta collects in the United States and other English-speaking countries is “Where are you” , which in Spanish translates as “Where are you?”. The fictitious origin of the word drinks from the abbreviation of the two words of the interrogative phrase in Mexican “Where are you”.

Uber must be busted today from so many ontas. My DMs are haha ​​# Ontas is the new tinder with shortcuts

- Paty Cantú (@PatyCantu) April 18, 2019

This confusion has caused many drivers of Uber and other private transport applications to use the aforementioned word to know the location of their customers, as can be seen in the lower tweet.

This is the only #Ontas that comes to me. # OntasChallenge #SemanaSanta pic.twitter.com/devLiDWAV8

- Licenciado Moreno (@ soyantonio92) April 18, 2019

Have you recently received a message with Ontas? You already know its meaning. The answer is up to you.