LG TVs are smarter thanks to the Google Assistant

LG TVs are smarter thanks to the Google Assistant

In addition to image quality, LG has opted this year for a powerful artificial intelligence system . The Korean company ensures that its new televisions are the only ones that have a real Artificial Intelligence system. In other words, they are not limited to offering simple voice control. A system that, in the last months of the year, has become even "smarter" by incorporating the Google Assistant . This will allow us to control other devices, receive alerts and much more just by using our voice.

LG has taken the operating system of its televisions a little further. And not only in its OLED and SUPER UHD technologies, but in all its televisions with Smart TV 4.0 system . The new artificial intelligence system of LG televisions is capable of offering us the content that we may like the most. It is also capable of improving the content viewing experience. And, with the new updates, you will be able to send orders to other computers with artificial intelligence just by asking the Magic Remote.

What can we do with the AI ​​system of LG TVs?

artificial intelligence LG televisions what can I do

In the diagram that you have on these lines you can see the large number of commands that we can use in the new LG televisions. For example, we may ask you to suggest which channels to watch . Also tell him to find us scary movies, news programs or to put the X series that we see every night.

But not only that, the Artificial Intelligence system is capable of switching between the TV modes and its inputs. It can even give us information about the movie we are watching . Do you want to know who the director is? What actor appears on screen? What movies has that actor made? No problem, you just have to ask your TV.

Leaving aside the control of the content and the device itself, the artificial intelligence system of LG televisions also provides us with other types of information . It is possible to ask what the weather is like in the city to which we are going to travel. We can ask you to tell us the time in a specific city, to look for flights or hotels or to tell us how our favorite team has turned out.

And since September,  LG televisions are ready to communicate with other smart products . We can use the television to ask your refrigerator to make more ice. Or tell him that we are cold so that the air conditioning turns up the temperature. Or ask him to turn off the lights to create a more intimate setting. The possibilities are almost endless and everything will be controlled from the sofa by voice.

All of the above is possible thanks to the incorporation of the Google Assistant . This open system allows the TV to communicate with a large number of compatible devices. From smart speakers to thermostats, through light bulbs, locks or appliances.

Artificial intelligence is already a reality and not only on televisions. More and more devices will offer this feature to create a smart home. That's why choosing a TV with real artificial intelligence is very important . The television will become, in a very short time, the main control center of the home.

artificial intelligence LG TVs Google Assistant

In addition, and since we are going to have everything “connected”, we should make sure that we have a secure Smart TV system . Like that of LG televisions, which is certified against possible cyberattacks.

And this is just the beginning. The Artificial Intelligence system of LG televisions will continue to evolve with new improvements . Using Google Assistant opens up a world of almost infinite possibilities.