How to fix connection problems and other crashes in Android Auto

How to fix connection problems and other crashes in Android Auto

Android Auto has become a practically essential feature in any new car. And it is that being able to control a large part of the functions of the mobile through a touch screen or even through the buttons on the steering wheel is really comfortable. However, like any other application, Android Auto can also give us the odd headache. Although generally application updates are done to improve their functionality and even their performance, sometimes we know that they can cause many problems. Have you updated to the latest version of Android Auto and are experiencing connection problems and other crashes? We are going to tell you how you can go back to a previous version of Android Auto .

Before reverting to a previous version of Android Auto

If we just updated the application and all of a sudden we have problems, it is very likely that the update caused this malfunction. However, it does not hurt to perform some preliminary steps before reverting to an earlier version of the application .

We understand that if you were already using the Android Auto application in your car, it is that it is compatible. So the first thing we can try is to clear the cache of this application from our mobile . To do this we just have to go to Settings - Applications and enter Android Auto. Here all Android phones give us the option to clear data and cache of the application in question.

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If it still does not work, you can check if you have activated the battery saving system on this application . If so, Android Auto may not work properly and disconnect from time to time.

Depending on the customization layer that your mobile has, it is done in one way or another, but normally we will find this option within Settings - Battery. You must tell the mobile not to use the battery optimization system with the Android Auto application .

Still not working? We still have a few things to check. For example, change the cable that you are using to connect the mobile with the car. Although if it worked for you before, this should not be the problem. Finally, you can try to disable the option "Add new cars to Android Auto" . You can find this in the Settings of the Android Auto application, in the “Connected cars” section.

How to roll back to a previous version of Android Auto

Updating an application on Android is really easy. We just have to enter the Play Store and click on the Update button. However, going back to a previous version is not that simple.

So reverting to a previous version of Android Auto will be more difficult than installing the latest version available, but not impossible. The first thing we must do is uninstall the current version of Android Auto that we have installed on the mobile. To do this you can enter Settings - Applications, search for Android Auto and select the uninstall option. Or you can use the option that most Android launchers give, which is none other than holding down the application icon and choosing Delete. Finally, you can also uninstall the application from the Google Play Store.

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After uninstalling the current version we can install the previous version of Android Auto. However, we will not be able to do it from the Google application store. As you know, Google Play does not offer the option to install previous versions of the applications .

So we will have to resort to services such as APK Mirror or UpToDown , large application repositories that do have multiple versions of each application.

The only thing we will have to do is enter one of the two previous websites from the mobile and download the APK of the Android Auto application . Remember, do not download the same version that we have in the Play Store, but the previous one. Once downloaded you will have to look for the application in your file manager and install it simply by clicking on it. If it does not allow you, you will have to activate the installation of applications from external sources . And voila, you already have Android Auto in a previous version.