How to add memory to iPhone 5S

iPhone 5S 02

Currently, the iPhone 5S is available in three different versions of 16 GB (700 euros), 32 GB (800 euros) and 64 GB (900 euros). However, these capabilities may well fall short for many users who want to store more photos, more videos, more music and applications . Well, all is not lost. There is a convenient and inexpensive solution to get an extra 16GB or 32GB and bring all kinds of content on board. It is, as you can see in the images, a battery case that adds more storage to the iPhone and extends the autonomy of the equipment. And it is that this cover manufactured by the companyMophie , a common manufacturer of this type of accessories and cases, is the first case with a battery and integrated storage. The new Space Pack , that's how Mophie called it , costs $ 150. However, the cost of this case in our country could also be 150 euros for the 16 GB case or 180 euros for the 32 GB one .

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The case that Mophie sells is thin and discreet, although the truth is that it will inevitably add volume to your iPhone 5S or iPhone 5 (we have to remind you that the case is also compatible with this version). First of all, users will gain more peace of mind because they can multiply by two or even four the number of files they store on their computer. Although this is not all. The company also makes an application called Mophie Space available to its customers, which makes it easier to organize and navigate between the files stored in the computer's memory. In this way, it will be enough to connect your iPhone 5S or iPhone 5 to your computer and access thecharging and syncing functions that have been integrated on board this mechanism. In addition, you can password protect all your content, avoiding any payment for downloading or storing content in the cloud with any service provider.

You can store, manage , retrieve about 16,000 photographs , more than 14 hours of video , more than 9,000 songs and all documents that the user wants or needs.

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As if this were not enough, apart from expanding the storage capacity of the iPhone 5S , the user will be able to double the capacity of the equipment. Currently, the Apple flagship has a built-in rechargeable lithium polymer battery that offers a talk time of 10 hours on 3G and up to 250 hours on standby . This amount could be multiplied by two when installing the cover, so that the user would enjoy a battery with practically no limits that would adjust to the times and the needs of those who tend to make the most of the performance of their terminals.

If you are interested in getting this cover, you should be clear that you will still need to wait a bit. At the moment, the Space Pack can be reserved online, but the distribution (or what is the same, the shipments) will not begin until next March. Meanwhile, you can expand the memory of your device through services such as  Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive, Box, MediaFire, Bitcasa or SugarSync .