Samsung Smart TV 2016, more image quality on its new smart screens

Samsung Smart TV 2016 cover

Samsung's commitment to smart television is renewed with the new range of Smart TV 2016 , with higher image quality and a more intuitive user experience. And it is that our lifestyle has changed and with it our entertainment habits: watching TV is already much more than acting as a passive spectator , now interaction is sought and enriched content is demanded, all without neglecting the quality of the image .

Samsung Smart TV 2016 , the new range of smart TVs that the Korean company has presented at the Samsung European Forum 2016 held in Monaco, has the mission of meeting the entertainment needs of the current generation of viewers.  Samsung has   already become the number one manufacturer in the world in the market for smart TVs and it seems that it has focused all its efforts to make that continue to be so during this year and those to come.

To achieve this,  Samsung has decided to renew its commitment to a smarter audiovisual experience with its latest range of SUHD televisions, which offers higher image quality thanks to the inclusion of Quantum Dot technology . Now, what is Quantum Dot technology?  This new technological proposal that television manufacturers are beginning to implement has been created to improve the brightness of conventional panels, as well as to expand their color range.

Thus, televisions  l to new SUHD range of Samsung are the first free of cadmium and thanks to its screen Quantum Dot 10 - bit can offer a much more realistic quality image with a brightness and superior contrast. In addition, these new televisions offer a high dynamic range (HDR), with 1,000nits of HDR, with which it is possible to obtain a higher level of contrast between light and dark images . Samsung's new SUHD range consists of 19 TV models, ranging from the 7000 series to the Premium 9000 series , which will hit the European market in the spring.

Now, the Korean knows that smart TVs are a key piece for the Internet of Things, so for 2016 it has focused on renewing its line of SUHD televisions with a special focus on connectivity and ease of use. As David Lowes, CMO of the company in Europe, said: " Samsung is continually working to help people make their lives smarter, and this year we are taking another big step with our diverse range of connected products and services. " .

Samsung Smart TV 2016

Samsung also introduced an 88-inch TV and 8K technology

This is why the Samsung Smart TV 2016,  which have been developed on the Tizen operating system  as the latest TV proposals presented by Samsung in recent years, are much more intuitive: Thanks to the renewed version of its Smart Hub interface it is much easier for users to discover and access their favorite content. In addition, now it is also possible to forget about having several remote controls, since the new smart control that integrates the range of Samsung Smart TV 2016 recognizes and 'governs' all the devices that are connected to the TV , such as the decoder, the game console or the cinema system: one remote to control them all .

As far as design is concerned, the  Samsung Smart TV 2016 are stylish, and have a frame so thin that it is almost non-existent. In addition, a cover has been placed on its back that makes the connection cables look organized and discreetly hidden, an aspect that is aesthetically appreciated.

Ultra HD Blu-Ray and audio solutions

Samsung wireless sound

At the Samsung European Forum 2016 , in addition to a new range of smart televisions, we were able to learn about Samsung's new bets in terms of audio and digital entertainment solutions. Thus, the Korean has also presented a proposal to provide its televisions with 4K resolution content, the Samsung UBD-K8500 , the first Ultra HD Blu-Ray , which we had already talked about before here, and which is also compatible with HDR  and capable of offering up to four times the resolution, as well as much more detail in color expression compared to a normal Blu-Ray player.

The arrival of this Blu-Ray was more than necessary: ​​For some years now, television manufacturers have been betting on UHD or 4K screens, and then the content in FULL HD, no matter how good it is, begins to be insufficient. And what do you do with a UHD TV if you don't have content in that quality to make the most of it? Thus,  Samsung's Ultra HD Blu-Ray player , despite being announced last year, will finally hit the European market in March of this year.

As far as audio solutions are concerned, Samsung has increased its new range of wireless audio  Wireless Audio 360 series , which in addition to having more colors to adapt to home decoration, now has Ring Radiator technology , which will take care of automatically control sound sources depending on the speaker placement, so sound is heard evenly throughout the room, regardless of where the speaker is located . In addition, these new speakers integrate more touch controls, making their use much easier, and they maintain their integration with Samsung mobiles and the Samsung Gear S2 smart watch.

Additionally, Samsung showed in Monaco the Samsung HW-K950 soundbar , which we had previously talked about here, and which stands out for being the first of the Korean one with Dolby Atmos technology and the first in the industry that incorporates two wireless rear speakers Dolby Atmos . The result? In addition to the sound bar itself, they also have a subwoofer that translates into surround sound that becomes more realistic, and makes the viewer feel completely immersed in the content, just as if they were in a movie theater.