How to download torrent files directly from Google Chrome

How to download torrent files directly from Google Chrome 1

uTorrent is today one of the most complete and lightweight tools to download torrent files from the Internet . This type of file has become an almost obligatory step for those users who want to download content online, after the FBI brought down the popular Megaupload download tool . The creators of uTorrent have decided to create an extension for Google Chrome called BitTorrent Surf that is used to download torrent files directly from the browser, without the need to install any additional program. We tell you how this extension works and we offer you a download link at the end of the article.

The BitTorrent Surf extension is available from the Chrome store. To install it, just click on "Add to Chrome" at the top right of the extension screen. Keep in mind that this extension is used for the Windows operating system in its versions Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7, while at the moment it is not compatible with Windows 8 (when trying from several computers with this system, a message appears warning that BitTorrent Surf is not available to the computer). It is a very light little program, below ten megabytes.

Once installed, a blue icon appears that serves as a platform to search and download torrents. If we press on it, a small screen opens in that area of ​​the browser. Despite being in English, the program has a simple and easy-to-use interface . First you have to configure the main search tool (by default it is Google ). New search tools can also be added by entering the URL manually later. We introduce the name of the file that we are looking for in the upper box and the results will appear below, in a list format. If we keep the cursor over any of them we can know the size of the file and its full name.

How to download torrent files directly from Google Chrome 2

On the right there are some small bars that simulate the Windows WiFi connection icon . The more bars that appear in green, the more users will be sharing that file and, in general, the faster the download will be achieved. If we keep the cursor over these bars we will find more specific information on the number of users who share the file and on the number of Internet users who are downloading it at that moment.

To download a torrent, you have to click on the green button on the right. Next to the file name we have an estimate of the estimated time to complete the download and buttons to stop or cancel the download . To choose the folder where the files will go, click on the arrow next to “Options” and then “Set download options” . On the other hand, next to the search box there are three buttons. The first is the one that allows us to add search addresses and select the default engine. The second one is used to see the notifications of the extension,such as completed downloads or newly added downloads. Finally, the third button is not yet functional but in the future it should be used to play streaming content via mobile.

In short, BitTorrent Surfer is a highly recommended tool for users who regularly download content through the network and who use the Chrome browser . It has a simple but very useful functionality, and avoids having to open external programs when downloading torrents. Of course, some users have commented on the browser's store compatibility problems with other programs to download torrents and when deactivating it . The visible cons that can be attributed to the program is that it is not yet compatible with Windows 8 and that it does not work with other browsers than  Chrome (a version for Firefox is expected to be released soon ) .

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