This is the origin of the most popular memes on the Internet

This is the origin of the most popular memes on the Internet

The meme, with the permission of the GIF, is perhaps the smallest unit of expression that exists on the Internet. By combining image and text we can communicate ideas, emotions, feelings, even complete arguments ... although it is true that the vast majority of them have the ultimate purpose of making you laugh.

The Internet has witnessed (and continues to be) a huge number of memes, some of which have managed to become so viral that they are already part of the popular cultural imagination. And every viral phenomenon has its origin. This is where we come in. We propose a journey through the origins of some of the most popular memes in history. Where does this image come from? Who is the protagonist and what is his life now? What are the secrets he hides? Join us at the origins of the most popular Internet memes of all time.

The most interesting man in the world

Look at him, with his gray hair, his sexy pose, his look like coming back from everything. He knows what you want and he will give it to you very gladly. This is 'the most interesting man in the world', a meme you use when the words you want to say could come out of the mouth of a man who knows what he's doing. It is an advertising campaign for a beer called Dos Equis. The protagonist of the meme is the American actor Jonathan Goldsmith , who specializes in TV series. Among them we can find 'The fantastic car', 'McGyver', 'A crime has been written', etc.

meme 01

Then we leave you with the original announcement . It is worth a look.

Be smart, my friend

A meme that we send every time we want to warn of something that, although it may seem obvious, in the end it turns out that it is not so obvious. This meme has its origin in a television program called #HoodDocumentary , presented by the protagonist of the image, Kayode Ewumi. At one point in his speech, he makes this nice gesture that has already become universally famous.

meme 02

Here we leave you with the moment when Ewumi makes the gesture , within the television program.

Salt bae

Just an eccentric gesture is enough to rise to the Olympus of fame. This is what happened to Turkish chef Nusret Gökçe, owner of the chain of restaurants specializing in meat Nusr-Et. Thanks to his peculiar way of spreading salt on the meat , using his arm so that the grains of salt fall like a slide, Gökçe would become meme meat, (pun intended) without the need for any accompanying text. his feat.

Hide the Pain, Harold (Hide your pain, Harold)

His face outlines a smile but, if you fine tune and look deeply, you can see all the existential anguish of the universe in his eyes. This is what happens to poor Harold, whose image is revealed and shared when something bad happens to us but we have to move on with our lives, as if nothing had happened.

meme 04

It is about a Hungarian electrical engineer named András Arató . One day he posted a selfie to his Facebook account and his face caught the attention of a photographer, who did an extensive session with Arató as a model. Thanks to popular Internet forums, Arató made the leap to fame.

Woman calculating

They propose a paradox, a reflection, a thought that fills your body with doubts and leaves you staring, as if solving an equation that is very difficult to solve. This meme comes to help us all those who, being letters, confront us with mathematical problems. And also for all those for whom life is a bit uphill. This woman sees them and wants them to solve the matter in which she has gotten herself into.

meme 05

And who is this woman? Well, Renata Sorrah, a Brazilian telenovela actress . This image corresponds to the Senhora do Destino series, a very appropriate name for the meme in question. Here you can see the extract in which Sorrah appears with a face of surprise so funny that we are not surprised that it has become a meme.

Ancient aliens

There was a time when the History Channel broadcast history documentaries, before it became the source of conspiracy that it is today. One of these shows in which no one doubts the existence of aliens, Ancient Aliens, featured an extravagant character, with ridiculous hair, who would end up becoming a meme that made fun of conspiracy theories. This eccentric character is called Giorgio A. Tsoukalos and he is the host of the show.

meme 06

In the following video you can see it in action.

The funny dog

Let's see, let's be clear. The jokes that this dog tells are very bad but we can only surrender to the evidence: he is so cute that in the end he makes them good. This Alaskan Malamute dog appeared for the first time in the Reddit subforum ' Reddit lawlissmodia' under the name 'He loves his baby'. We can see the dog lovingly playing with his toy and looking at the camera in a very 'human' way.

meme 07

The girl and the burning house

A meme, to say the least, disturbing. In the foreground is a smiling girl. So far no problem. What is really strange is that, in the background of the image, there are firemen and a burning house. This image dates from 2004, extending the mystery of the image until 2018 in which the main girl, Zoe, revealed what it was really about. It was nothing more than a fire drill , practiced by the firefighters themselves, who burned abandoned houses and later put them out. It was the father who took the image that, finally, has turned out to be less disturbing than it seemed at first.

meme 08

The kitten coughing

What a shame, poor thing. In the image we have what seems to be a cat in the middle of a coughing attack, with a very strange face, as if it were deformed or sick. Nothing is further from reality, as it is an image edited by the Instagram account ' Idascreatures ' that is dedicated precisely to modifying images of animals.

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The real image of the kitten is this one that a girl shared on Twitter. So no, this kitten is not sick, but completely healthy.