LG XBOOM The Beast OK55, 500W, DJ and Karaoke function for your parties

LG XBOOM The Beast OK55, 500W, DJ and Karaoke function for your parties

Summer is the best time of year to organize our own parties in the garden or on the terrace of our home. And something that can not be missing at any party is music. So, if you are a music and party lover, you need a sound system like the LG XBOOM La Bestia OK55 . This spectacular LG system is much more than a speaker with no less than 500W of power. It has a complete lighting system that will give atmosphere to your parties. In addition, it is equipped with DJ functions and Karaoke with various voice effects.

Its wide connectivity will allow us to connect practically any device we want. We can even use it to reproduce the sound of the television. An easy-to-carry speaker, since it does not have a battery and its dimensions are very tight. Let's see what the LG XBOOM The Beast OK55 offers us .

Become a DJ with a really powerful speaker

in-depth LG XBOOM The Beast OK55 DJ

The first thing that catches the attention of the LG XBOOM La Bestia OK55 is, in addition to its design, the great power that it hides under the hood. It is equipped with two speakers that offer 165W each . To these is added a subwoofer with 170W of power , thus achieving a total of no less than 500W .

To take advantage of all this power, the LG XBOOM La Bestia OK55 has a DJ function . The speaker has two jog wheels on the top for scratching and adding other sound effects. It also allows you to loop a specific part of the track with the push of a button. And if we don't want to complicate things, we can choose to activate Auto DJ.

On the other hand, it allows you to play and mix from two different USB drives . And thanks to the DJ Sharing function we can send mixed tracks from our phone to the speaker easily.

We also have the Multi Jukebox function , with which we can connect up to three devices to the speaker and create collaborative playlists. In this way, we will achieve, on the one hand, make our guests participate, and on the other hand, make sure the party doesn't have to stop to add new music.

Lighting effects to set the mood for the party

Thoroughly LG XBOOM The Beast OK55 lights

In addition to putting the music of the party, with the LG XBOOM La Bestia OK55 you can also put the lighting. The speaker is equipped with a multi-color LED lighting system that changes with the beat of the music.

We can also customize the lighting using the LG Audio Bluetooth application. In this app we have 10 lighting modes available that we can apply from the phone.

On the other hand, with the Party Accelerator controller we will only have to slide the regulator forward to enjoy a party with explosive systems and crazy lighting.

Karaoke function

in-depth LG XBOOM The Beast OK55 karaoke

If you are looking for a somewhat different party, the LG XBOOM La Bestia OK55 can also help you. It is equipped with a Karaoke function that allows, with the push of a button, to suppress the voices of any track and source . We can also change the pitch of the track to better suit our vocal range and we can show off.

That is, we will only need two microphones to activate the Karaoke with voices canceller and sound effects. The speaker offers 18 different vocal effects to make our performance sound much better.

This powerful function will allow us to sing our favorite songs without having to search for special tracks , since usually to sing in a Karaoke, tracks in which the voices have been eliminated are required.

Extensive connectivity

in-depth LG XBOOM The Beast OK55 connectivity

Finally, it is worth noting the extensive connectivity of the devices. The LG XBOOM La Bestia OK55 is equipped with USB inputs, auxiliary input, two microphone inputs, FM antenna and even CD player .

In addition, wirelessly, it is possible to connect up to three Bluetooth devices simultaneously . We also have the Wireless Party Link function , with which we can connect two LG Party systems to create surround sound and increase power.

We even have  TV Sound Sync, a special function that allows you to connect the LG XBOOM La Bestia OK55 speaker with our LG TV via Bluetooth . We can thus enjoy our favorite series or movie with powerful sound, controlling the volume from the television remote.

Price and availability

thoroughly LG XBOOM The Beast OK55 power

In short, the LG XBOOM The Beast OK55 is much more than a powerful wireless speaker . It offers a complete multi-color LED lighting system, CD player, DJ function and Karaoke function. All in a compact team that we can take with us to any party.

The LG XBOOM La Bestia OK55 is already on sale in specialized stores with a price of around 230 euros .