10 funny memes to share on New Years Eve on WhatsApp

10 funny memes to share on New Years Eve on WhatsApp

"At Puerta del Sol like the year it was / Again the champagne and grapes and tar / They are on carpet". This is how Mecano sang his particular vision of the New Year's party, a song that returns in an eternal return every December 31st. New Year's Eve follows Christmas in a period of only one week, and that will be preceded by the magical night of the Three Wise Men. A succession of congratulations and good omens will happen, as year after year, through the various messaging applications, with WhatsApp as the undisputed queen of the night.

The times they Are a changing

And if not, let them tell the meme that we offer you below. Every year the same song: I have to lose weight , this year yes. And, on the contrary, what we do is gain a little more weight. Well, screw the canons of beauty! We may have a couple of kilos left over but we are still happy.

10 funny memes to share on New Years Eve on WhatsApp 1

This time, yes. Or later later

It is undeniable that the turn of the year is the perfect excuse to lose weight. But let's see, neither will day 1, because it's a holiday and we'll be hungover and we're going to crave junk food. And well, day 5 is just around the corner, we will gorge ourselves on candy. Yes, if that, after Reyes. Or never.

diet meme

The last one already home

Excesses on New Year's Eve are paid. And by far. Therefore, we advise you not to go overboard with alcohol tonight. Although this meme you can send it. Surely you have many friends who do not think to give up with this alcohol. Ah, a word of warning: don't say 'the penultimate' if you don't want to become the 'brother-in-law' of your group.

year end alcohol meme

Hangover to start the year

There is no doubt: many will start the year with a great and terrible hangover . If you don't want to happen like the one in the meme, be very careful tonight. That the peach juices are also very good.

hangover new year meme

Another hangover

A suitable variant of the previous meme. Another day we'll talk about the dangers of falling asleep at the New Year's Eve party when the rest of your friends are completely drunk. As soon as sleep overcomes you, go home. But by taxi.

hangover new year memes

Consequences of binge eating

If we want to look like Homer Simpson after a banquet, we just have to get carried away tonight.

10 funny memes to share on New Years Eve on WhatsApp 2

King Size Rocket Raccoon

The perfect meme to send to that geeky friend who thinks the best movie of 2017 is 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2'. Beware of susceptibilities, we do not want friendships to break.

year end binge meme

To say goodbye to the year without jealousy

Could it be possible that 2017 is jealous that we celebrate the coming year? We do not know. But if we asked you, you would surely say that it is very unfair to only be able to live for 365 days. Let's hope the years never rebel, because if not… who knows how much more would they be among us.

jealousy meme 2018

Brothers-in-law ... brothers-in-law everywhere

'Well then, we'll see each other then… Next year!'

How many more times will we have to put up with this terrible joke , originating from the depths of the caverns of the sister-in-law community? Send this meme to whoever does not stop repeating the 'grace'. See if you get the hint.

new year's eve meme

One last tip

Please try to forget about your cell phones during dinner. Talk to each other , try to argue in a friendly tone ... except with your brother-in-law. If you see him approaching, run, pick up your mobile and pretend that you are talking. It does not fail.

end of year mobile meme

Which of these 10 funny memes to share on New Year's Eve on WhatsApp do you prefer?