Dead Trigger, tips and tricks for this zombie game

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Who still think that zombies are clumsy, slow and unintelligent, it is for two reasons: o is not the day of the latest series and movies dedicated to the world of the undead , or has not played Dead Trigger. It is precisely the game from Madfinger Games that has been grabbing the attention of many iPhone and Android gamers , lovers of first-person shooter titles,  in recent weeks . This apocalyptic adventure in which we will have to get rid of endless hordes of the undead is a success for several reasons: first of all because of the great graphic qualitythat it offers and secondly because of its addictive mechanics and the amount of weapons and objects available.

As it is a game in which its developers are rewarded for their programming and maintenance effort , through optional online purchases made by users or downloads of other advertised applications, it is logical that there are no old-fashioned tricks for Dead Trigger , with which by entering a code or sequence we can access the entire arsenal of the game or its objects. However, we can follow some small guidelines and tips that will allow us to achieve all this without much effort and without spending a single euro cent.

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Of course, the easiest way is to spend a few euros, fill the game coffers with gold and start buying weapons, objects and improvements , however and oddly enough, this route will make us get tired before the game, because we will not live a progressive advance in which we will savor the arrival little by little to get all those we want based on overcoming missions and leaving a few zombies headless.

To start playing we must bear in mind that although Dead Trigger has quite a few slow zombies , there are others that outrun us and will be planted in a second beside us to grind us with their claws. We must always take care of the rear and position ourselves whenever possible on a wall from which we know no zombies come out. It is easy to get carried away by the inertia of advancing and ending everything in front of you, however this will be a mistake in most missions, since the enemies will come from different flanks.

We must always try to hit the head of zombies, it is the fastest way to kill them and spend less bullets. However, on many occasions it will take more than one shot to the head to finish them off, everything will depend on the weapon we carry and its firepower.

Don't be anxious on how to reload, a lot of people fire a single bullet and it will inertia reload automatically. This will cause a few zombies to get on us on many occasions while we are still placing the magazine. The same happens when we believe that a few shots have ended with a zombie, we must make sure that it has really bit the dust before reloading or possibly we end up in its hands.

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Before starting the missions, the game recommends which is the ideal weapon for each level, it is advisable to follow this recommendation, as long as we have the appropriate weapon. Providing objects such as zombie decoys , bandages or automatic firing towers, will be vital to succeed in many missions.

In search and rescue missions it is very important that we take a look at the radar, as it shows us where the objects to be collected are and the point of delivery. If you don't look at it, you will probably be going round and round, wasting your time and quite possibly your life.

The barrels found on almost all screens are full of gasoline , they are good allies if we know how to use them strategically and we shoot them when one or more enemies pass by.

You have to be very careful with the ammunition, the ideal is to shoot in short and controlled bursts, seeing the counter of the remaining bullets and collecting ammunition on the way will be of great help to avoid scares.

Dead Trigger rewards the daily game with levels that have objects as prizes or others that will make us a little richer with gold or chips for the casino. Being attentive to these free extras will give us quite an advantage without spending money.

There is a way to win big money quickly in a single game. To do this we must go to the missions "Arena" and choose the one that takes place in an Olympic stadium . Once inside, we must locate ourselves in the street that has no exit, since from there we can kill dozens of enemies easily and with almost no danger, and although no one will attack us from behind. In this way we will pass rounds almost effortlessly , thereby earning a lot of experience and money.