The best memes of the victory of Pedro Sánchez of the PSOE

The best memes of the victory of Pedro Sánchez of the PSOE

Did you have a good day yesterday? Do you think that no one can improve it on Sunday yesterday? Well, you are very wrong, because probably the one who really had the best day yesterday was Pedro Sánchez . The former secretary general of the PSOE won the primaries against Susana Díaz, the candidate who held the apparatus. And that is hard to beat.

The prognoses were completely uncertain, but in the end, around half past nine at night the best result was confirmed for the one who had previously run as a candidate for Moncloa. Pedro Sánchez won with half the votes and ten points ahead of the Andalusian.

So, faced with such a resounding victory, the network was soon filled with memes . Here are the best ones that have been published in the last hours.

In a room in Ferraz right now #primariasPSOE

- JESUS ​​GALLEGO (@JGALLEGOonfire) May 21, 2017

The celebration that probably took place in Ferraz has to be of as much level as the one up here. And it is that the candidate won the primaries against the party apparatus.

Pedro Sánchez arriving at Ferraz #PrimariasPsoe //

- Modesto García (@modesto_garcia) May 21, 2017

And it is that the moment of Pedro has arrived. These are probably the first words you have had for Susana and her acolytes.

-Pedro? I am Antonio, your best friend of all life. I can pass?

- Second prize (@Hoymosmos) May 21, 2017

And here is another of the great protagonists of the night. Antonio Hernando, who after seeing the victory of Pedro Sánchez ran to resign. Will you get close to the candidate again?

Hernando now. #PrimariasPSOE

- Lara Hernández (@larahache) May 21, 2017

Although in sight of his exit through the back door, chances are he has no choice but to hide in the bushes . They say that Rome does not pay traitors.

First statements from @susanadiaz # L6Primarias //

- Andres briz (@AndresBriz) May 21, 2017

But what about Susana? How is it going? The Andalusian candidate left the Ferraz headquarters before anyone else. Surely because such a disastrous result cannot be held anywhere. Has she definitely thrown in the towel?

Pedro Sánchez entering Ferraz tomorrow and asking for the manager…

- Stéphane M. Grueso (@fanetin) May 21, 2017

And if you haven't, prepare yourself. Because Pedro Sánchez could enter the headquarters in such a way that this morning.

-Mariano, I am a new Pedro, the Pedro of "yes is yes"

- So you are going to try to collaborate with the governance of Spain?

-No # L6Primarias

- Froilán I from Spain (@FroilLannister) May 21, 2017

Perhaps the one who is least happy is Mariano Rajoy , the current president of the government, invested by the former PSOE. The one that gave him abstention and for which Pedro Sánchez resigned in his day.

Run, here comes the Secretary General you betrayed, act normal # L6Primarias

- Roman (@CRoman___) May 21, 2017

And here we have another of those who sided with Susana. Yesterday the faces were a map ... 

Susana, don't run !! Come we take a selfie…. #primariasPSOE

- 💪𝙈𝙖𝙟𝘼𝙧𝙚𝙩𝙝𝘼 𝙁𝙧𝙖𝙣𝙠𝙡𝙞𝙣 (@Tuitero_David) May 21, 2017

We have already told you that Susana left the PSOE headquarters in a bit of a hurry. The final photo of the three candidates was a bit run over.

We get live images of Susana Díaz and her team in Ferraz #primariasPSOE

- The Mother of the Lamb (@JuntsForMen) May 21, 2017

The defeat was obvious. Here is the team Susana Diaz . By soil.

Patxi López disappointed because he deserved a 10.

- MAKOKI8 (@ MAKOKI8) May 21, 2017

In the end, with one hundred percent of the votes counted, the Basque candidate did not obtain the 10% that he had maintained throughout the count. Another time it will be.

# L6Primarias #PrimariasPSOE

Patxi looked with possibilities, he always believed in himself

An example

- borja ツ (@triphon) May 21, 2017

And it is that apparently,  Patxi López had a lot of faith in himself . Cheer up, the important thing (almost) is always to participate!