Series and movies coming to Netflix Spain in January 2018

Series and movies coming to Netflix Spain in January 2018

Netflix continues to establish itself in our country, increasing its catalog and offering great and juicy news month after month. Series and movies that its subscribers will be able to enjoy, with premieres as important as the very recent one in theaters 'The call', which will premiere on January 29 (musical directed by the creators of Paquita Salas, also on Netflix). Among the most anticipated series, in addition to the premiere of Black Mirror at the end of December, we have the third season of Lovesick or the second of Dirk Gently, the holistic detective.

Series premiered in January 2018

Lovesick season 3

After discovering that he suffers from a sexually transmitted disease (nothing serious, it is not a drama), Dylan decides to notify all his ex-partners to inform them of the problem and to have checkups. An opportunity to reflect on the world of relationships in a humorous tone.

Dirk Gently, season 2

The detective who uses the clues in a somewhat peculiar way returns to his old ways, in this extravagant series that mixes genres like nobody else.

Gotham, season 3

DC's 'Smallville' or, in other words, the origin of a superhero and his villains. Attend the birth of Batman in Gotham with its third season.

Misplaced, season 2

Netflix comedy set in the smoky environment of marijuana stores. Starring a hilarious Kathy Bates , Dislocated has its audience, although it has left the critics, and forgive the pun, totally out of place.

Grace and Frankie, season 4

4 seasons already of this series starring veterans Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin. A series about two friends who discover that their respective partners are gay .

Star Trek Discovery, Season 1, Part 2

Second part of the first season of a legendary science fiction series . 9 episodes made up the first part of this long-awaited rebirth, which returns with more adventures in January.

Rest of series that will be released in January 2018 on Netflix

  • When the heart speaks (1,2,3 and 4 seasons)
  • Grimm, season 6
  • Black Lightning, one episode a week, starting January 23
  • Retribution
  • Van Helsing, season 2
  • The Ministry of Time, Season 3
  • Dynasty, season 1, part 2
  • Homeland, season 6
  • Rita, season 4
  • Day by day, season 2

Premiere movies on Netflix in January 2018

The call

One of the successes of the year of our national cinema. An adaptation of the homonymous musical by its creators, the Javis, creators, also, of a cult series such as Paquita Salas.

Warcraft: The Origin

The son of the long-awaited David Bowie, Duncan Jones, decided, for his third film, to adapt the legendary game Warcraft to the big screen . You can see the result from January 28 on Netflix.

Gods of egypt

As if it were an old 'Roman' movie but with digital visual effects. Tacky and fun in equal parts , perfect for a hangover Sunday. It will premiere on January 19.

The witch

One of the best horror movies made in 2016. Terrifying and unhealthy. It is never too late to discover it and let yourself be carried away by its evil atmosphere. It opens on January 7.

The rest of the movies that will be released on Netflix during the month of January are as follows:

  • Almost Christmas (January 1)
  • Heartthrob (January 1)
  • The Darkness (January 1)
  • Super Dark Times (January 1)
  • The Last King of Scotland (January 1)
  • Father's Riot (January 1)
  • Mustang Island (January 2)
  • Alice Through the Looking Glass (January 3)
  • Good Time (January 11)
  • The Polka King (January 12)
  • Grimsby Counterintelligent Agent (January 13)
  • Risen (January 13)
  • Rock the Kasbah (January 13)
  • The Open House (January 19)
  • She's the boss (January 28)