How to check the return status of your Income Statement

How to check the return status of your Income Statement

Have you already made the Income Statement? This year the term to render accounts with the Treasury began on April 4 and will end on July 2, 2017. Until then you have time to do all the procedures, either through the Internet or in person, to present the corresponding statement as of 2017.

If you have already submitted it, know that you will always have the option of checking the status of the return online . It will not be necessary for you to move from home. And although you can always make an appointment to make the queries that you consider appropriate at your Tax Agency office, if you have a computer or mobile phone at hand, you will be able to know at the moment in what state of processing your return is.

Today we tell you how you can check the return status of your Income Statement . Follow these tips to get all the information you need.

Check the return status of your Income Statement via the web

If you want to check the return status of your Income Statement , you can do it easily through the web. All you have to do is follow these steps:

1. Access the website of the 2017 Income Tax campaign of the Tax Agency. Here we provide you with the link so you can enter directly. From this page you will have access to all the procedures, queries and procedures that you need to do for this year's declaration .

2. Once inside, you will have to log in with your data as a user. If you have already made the declaration, you will necessarily have a reference number saved on your mobile. You can have it in an SMS or keep it in the application of the Tax Agency . Be that as it may, keep this information handy.

return status

3. To access this information, this year the heads of the Tax Agency have not set up a special section. In order to obtain these data, you will do so directly from a page from which you can also consult and modify other data in the declaration. Something like a single page from which all the information is available. Click on  Draft / return processing service (Income WEB) .

return status

4. Next, a window will open showing three options for the type of access. If you have an electronic DNI or Cl @ ve PIN enabled in your browser, the easiest thing will be for you to access it through this route. But if you have already filed the return, you can use the reference number. As easy as this. Click With reference number. 

5. Now you will have to enter two very important pieces of information. On the one hand the DNI (with the format 12345678A) and on the other, the reference number. If you don't know where to find it, it will probably be easier for you to access the Tax Agency application on your mobile. Simply click on the button View REFERENCE request and View Reference. 

6. Enter the information that appears here in the corresponding box and choose Access. Once inside, you will see that the status of the processing appears at the top of the page. This is the information you were looking for .

return status

Check the return status of your Income Statement through your mobile

If you have the Tax Agency application installed on your mobile, it is even easier. Because from here you can also carry out a good number of actions, procedures and procedures . Including that of reviewing the return you submitted (you can download it in PDF directly to your mobile) or check the status of the return.

If you haven't installed it yet, it's available here: you can download it for both Android and iOS. In fact, we recommend you keep it on your mobile until the end of the campaign . Or, at least, until you have received the corresponding return. It is a good way to be informed without having to access the web.

Once you have the application, do the following:

1. Identify yourself with your fingerprint or using your phone's pin.

2. When you are inside the application, click on the Income 2017 button . From here you can access all your information (tax data, previous returns ...), request an appointment or even submit the return. Logically, you can also check the return status of your income statement.

3. Click on Processing status (Return inquiry) . Here you will see directly what the status is and if you wish, you can download a copy of the filed return. To do this, click on the blue button See filed declaration. A PDF file will be downloaded to the memory of your mobile.

In addition, we recommend that you be aware of the notices. If you have them activated, you will promptly receive information about changes in the return status of your Income Statement. If you want to consult them, you can do so from the Personal Notices section .

Meaning of the 2017 Income return messages

It is possible that until you receive the refund, the messages about the status of the return of the 2017 Income will change, depending on the checks that are made by the Tax Agency.

  • Your declaration is being processed . It is the first message that usually appears as soon as you have filed the return. But it can last for many days, until the managers start the process of reviewing your return.
  • The declaration with the indicated amount has not been recorded or is in process. Check the amount. It is possible that in this case there is some type of error during the process of filing the return. Check if any data is missing, because otherwise, it cannot be processed.
  • Your declaration has been recorded and is being verified . This means that the Tax Agency employees have already started to review your return. It is a completely normal process.
  • Your declaration has been processed by the Tax Management bodies, estimating the refund requested by you . This means that the statement has already been verified and that you should receive the amount shortly.
  • Your return has been issued on X / X / XXXX; If in 10 days you have not received the amount, go to the delegation / administration of the Tax Agency corresponding to your tax address . In this case, the payment will have already been ordered. And it will be a matter of days before you receive the amount resulting from your declaration to the account you have indicated.