▷ Instagram does not work: the mobile application does not load

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On the eve of Halloween, Instagram has again suffered a new fall on its servers. With this, there are already four consecutive falls that have been happening throughout the year, and although it usually recovers after a few minutes, the truth is that at the time of writing these lines Instagram does not work . The application does not load new content and we cannot perform actions on third party publications or users, and at the moment nothing seems to change in the next few hours.

Instagram won't load: photo app crashed again

Part of Spain, the Canary Islands, the Balearic Islands and some Latin American countries such as Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil and Mexico are having problems with the Instagram application at this very moment, although without a doubt the most affected countries are in Europe (Germany, Netherlands, France…) and the United States. Also some Asian countries such as India, Japan and some parts of Russia.

instagram does not work 2019

As we can see in Downdetector, a portal that brings together the status of various Internet services, the application has been allowed to work practically all over the world . We can therefore deduce that it is a global drop, and that it is not limited only to Spain and the neighboring countries.

The company has not yet commented on the matter, although everything indicates that it is a problem related to the Instagram servers . At the moment, Instagram shows a message similar to "The news cannot be updated" when updating the wall, accessing Instagram Stories or interacting with other users, either through comments, likes or private messages.

WhatsApp follows him for very little

The WhatsApp application is another of the great affected. Some users are reported on Twitter and Facebook that WhatsApp does not work , although none of the members of Tuexperto.com have noticed any problem with the application. In Downdetector we can see a peak of about 500 people reporting that the application has stopped working, preventing the sending of messages, photos, files and audio notes.

WhatsApp has not worked for a while, it was clear that something was going to fall. It has happened to Instagram.

- Arooa (@ aroa_ofm29) October 30, 2019

For the moment, there will be a wait until both services recover, as there is no evidence that they have been officially pronounced. It is likely that during the next few hours Facebook will suffer some problems in the service, as it belongs to the same conglomerate of applications as WhatsApp and Instagram. We will have to remain vigilant, in the meantime.