Brí¤da is an Ikea laptop cushion for less than 17 euros

Brí¤da is an Ikea laptop cushion for less than 17 euros 1

Many times we have had to stop working or watching that series that we like so much due to the heating of the laptop . This is what happens when it gets too hot and the fan starts making an awful noise that you don't usually like. To avoid this to some extent a class of supports appeared . The international IKEA has decided and has released a fairly affordable one . It is the Brí¤da support , an affordable and comfortable cushion that tries to keep our machine cool .

The design is simple and comfortable . It has a handle to be able to transport it wherever we want and a shape that adapts to the way we place our arms when we write on a keyboard. Carries the top of a material of rubber very rigid to provide stability to the laptop it up, and the bottom is filled like a pillow . Thanks to this we can put on the legs so very comfortable while we're lying on the couch or in bed.

Brí¤da is an Ikea laptop cushion for less than 17 euros 2

One of the points most in favor of this support, if not the best, is the price . And is that for less than 17 euros we can get one at any IKEA . It seems that the Swedish multinational furniture company thinks of all the accessories that a home may need. They are available in two colors : red and white with polka dots and a much more serious black with gray .

The Swedish's laptop accessories are now available in all its large stores . It is a good solution if we are looking for the computer to cool down a bit and we do not want to put it on the sofa, on a common cushion or on the bed itself . In addition, the Brí¤da support helps keep it from getting so dirty . Since if we put our machine on a hard and stable surface , less dust enters it than if we put it on top of a quilt or a pillow .