NASA identifies a strange object on the surface of Mars

NASA identifies a strange object on the surface of Mars

This is not the first time it has happened. NASA experts have been able to see an image of something very curious in one of the snapshots that the Curiosity robot has sent to Earth. As you know, the NASA rover has been working since August 2012 on the surface of the Red planet , with the aim of finding signs of anything and of course, to know in depth its characteristics on the ground.

The NASA team that is connected to Curiosity put their hands on their heads when they saw this snapshot. They feared that this strange object was a piece or debris from a spaceship .

The piece, located on the reddish surface of the planet, is thin and has a slight curvature. The scientists initially labeled it 'Strange Object Debris at Pettergrove Point'. Pettergrove Point is the area that Curiosity is currently working on, within the Gale crater on Mars. All the alarms went off at the thought that it could be a detached piece of Curiosity. 

But no. Apparently the strange object has already been identified. And it is a stone or natural object from the surface of Mars. And although it was all a false alarm, it made sense that NASA experts thought it could be a detached part of Curiosity. In 2012 the exact same thing happened and it turned out that the shiny object found on the soil of Mars was (this time) a small piece of plastic that fell off the rover.

mars object

Curiosity is still whole

Curiosity is already an age. It was launched to the surface of Mars in August 2012, so it is now serving six years. And how. Because during all this time, the 900-kilogram rover that NASA sent to Mars has performed outstandingly, sending truly impressive images of the surface of the Red planet to Earth.

Curiosity's mission is to show that Gale crater could have been inhabited in the past. In fact, Curiosity has found dry, cracked surfaces, an obvious sign that a lake existed millions of years ago . And therefore, that there was water.

But this has not been the only evidence that Curiosity's passage through Mars has left us. After taking several samples, drilling the surface of Mars, materials have been found that will later have to be studied in depth by another mission. It will be ExoMars 2020.

Meanwhile, Curiosity has already scored the figure of 200,000 images captured with its integrated cameras . And even though its mission has suffered some mishaps during its mission, the rover is still in a good state of repair. Hence its presence on Mars has been lengthened. We will see until when.

Weird and curious images of Mars

The photographs that Curiosity has been sending from Mars are certainly impressive. Some captures are somewhere between surprising and unsettling, so we wanted to share them with you in this article as well.

face on mars

Our imagination cannot help but see a face in that stone on Mars. And the truth is that it is very scary. This image was captured by NASA's Viking 1 Orbiter in 1976. Some see a resemblance to Elvis Presley.


This photo was captured by Curiosity in 2014. The image shows a rock that appears to be in the shape of a human femur . Scientists, always in charge of putting our feet on the Earth, explain that the shape of the stone can be the product of the erosion of the wind or water. Nothing else.


This photograph was captured in 2016. What looks like an innocent little path is actually what is called a dust devil. Dust demons are the result of a convective ascent of air, a kind of whirlwind , product of the heating of the sun.


If the mysterious crop circles are already a dossier, imagine these same shapes on the surface of Mars. Iker Jiménez will have lacked time to associate them. NASA experts believe that they may be vestiges of an aquatic past on Mars, now non-existent. 


Many associate these strange formations on the surface of Mars with the typical dots and lines of Morse code. According to scientific analysis, with this code the following can be read: NEE NED ZB 6TNN DEIBEDH SIEFI EBEEE SSIEI ESEE SEEE !! These Martians are crazy.