5 keys to using Edmodo in the classroom

5 keys to using Edmodo in the classroom

Some may not have heard of Edmodo yet, a  free educational platform intended to facilitate communication between teachers and students . Well that, it is neither more nor less than a closed virtual environment that could easily remind us of a kind of social network, only private.

Its origin dates back to 2008, when two teachers had the brilliant idea of ​​finding a solution so that students could combine their studies with their private lives. Edmodo currently has more than 3 million active users. And it is that, for many, it is an ideal solution that significantly improves teaching in the classroom . Teachers and students have at their disposal all the resources available on the Internet to help them enhance social learning and improve their results.

Therefore, today we want to reveal 5 keys to understanding this digital tool and why it is so famous within the education sector. So if you're curious, don't miss the next special.


We believe it is convenient to start with the most obvious, and what really differentiates Edmodo from other similar platforms. And it is nothing other than its gratuity. With Edmodo, users do not have to pay any subscription to be able to enjoy its services . No exceptions and, more importantly, no ads.

And you will think, "of course, but surely to access all its functions there is a payment plan." Well no, none of that. Another truly differential aspect is that in Edmodo we will not find any type of Premium account. That means that their services are 100% complete for all those users who register. The only requirement will be to open an account.edmodo

Easy to use

Another aspect to take into account is its enormous usability and easy handling. As we anticipated above, Edmodo is the union between an educational platform and a social network , making the best of both worlds. That is precisely where another of his enormous successes lies, his simplicity.

Not for nothing, we are facing a unique tool when it comes to offering an affordable interface for everyone . This is something that can be verified as soon as you enter the virtual classroom. Its design is simple and intuitive, as well as attractive and user-friendly, both for teachers and students. There is a wall similar to that of Facebook that supports the communication between teachers and students so that they interact within that space.

Additionally, Edmodo requires no installation or configuration . Registration is carried out immediately by means of a code sent by the teacher himself.

As if all this were not enough, it is also available in several languages , including, of course, Spanish. This further smoothes its accessibility for all audiences, so the language barrier will not be a problem for any user who wants to access the platform. However, you can also modify the settings to learn other languages. For example, English.



As a social platform designed for educational environments, teachers can create different groups to share information, educational material, events and exercises. There are many uses that students and teachers can put Edmodo on :

  • Attach files with homework for students to do at home. In addition, students will be able to upload their files to Edmodo, for the teacher to rate them and publish the results.
  • Create digital libraries to save those files that we consider important on a USB, but we will use its storage service in the cloud.
  • Post messages on the wall , both public and private, with questions so that the teacher can answer the students' doubts, for example.
  • Create learning groups  with students according to various criteria: by course, subject, etc.
  • Connect with other teachers , to plan lessons and to share ideas.
  • Create calendars  of events with exams, homework, deliveries. Whatever is.
  • Create accounts for parents so they can track their children's performance.
  • Attach videos, images, and audio to Edmodo to create a more enjoyable learning experience.

And there is more, we have only scratched the surface.


Collaborative learning

Edmodo can work perfectly as a collaborative work environment, being able to generate work groups and subgroups that can interact with each other .

As we have already seen in the previous point, teachers can create as many groups as they want . These groups can be accessed by the teacher, students, and even the students' parents, depending on the group's configuration by the administrator.

Thanks to the possibility of setting up exclusive information and interaction spaces, any group (teachers, students, parents) will be empowered to have a greater knowledge of the educational reality of the center .


One of the most positive aspects of implementing the use of educational programs like the one at hand, is the promotion of interactivity and collaboration between equals. Which, together with the gamification options of the tool, increases the creative capacity  of all those involved, especially the students.

For example, Edmodo has a reward system capable of motivating the student to find  the most ingenious solutions  to assigned duties.

Another very stimulating application is the group function. With them you can provide a workspace so that students can share any type of content with their classmates , always following specific rules that they consider funny or useful for.

Hopefully our brief review of Edmodo and its enormous possibilities has been helpful to you. In this analysis we have seen concepts, characteristics and advantages of this platform, which is a true commitment to the opening of ICTs and, above all, innovation in the classroom .