Carrefour vs Media Markt, comparison of catalog, guarantees and price

Carrefour vs Media Markt, comparison of catalog, guarantees and price

The large platforms are now in charge of offering us a wide range of proposals in computing and electronics . In this article we are going to analyze the bulk of the Carrefour and Media Markt catalog. We will see if they are on par in product quantity, prices and guarantees.


Carrefour is a supermarket, but it is much more. It has a simply gigantic catalog fund , where all kinds of products enter. Due to the enormous size of this totality, we have decided to focus on computers, mobiles and televisions. The idea is to cover the products with a higher demand.


Carrefour's computer catalog includes 600 laptop models and 186 desktop models . We are going to select some of the most notable so that you can see their price line.

From Lenovo we find the Yoga 500-ISK 2-in-1 convertible with an i5 processor, 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB of ROM. 14-inch screen and 2 GB GeForce 920M graphics card, for 700 euros .

From HP, the Notebook 15-AY118NS is one of the best options. With an i7 processor, 12 GB of RAM and 1 TB of hard disk, it sells for 700 euros .

From Asus, the R510VX-DM006D. A 15.6-inch laptop, with 8 GB of RAM, an i7 processor and 1 TB of hard disk. The graphics card is a 4 GB GTX950M, and it costs 800 euros .

Connect iPhone 7 to MacBook Pro

If we look at the Apple section, we have the MLHF2YA models, the most recent Macbooks. In gold, silver and rose gold and in 12 inches, for 1,800 euros. The cheapest, for 1,100 euros , a 12-inch Macbook Air MMGF2YA.

Premium mobiles

Carrefour's mobile section is quite extensive, with more than 1,700 models . Currently there are 51 that are part of the Premium section.

Among its phones, the Galaxy S7 Edge for 600 euros and the Galaxy S7 for 500 . The iPhone 7 of 32 and 128 GB, are sold for 880 and 910 euros respectively. The Plus versions, meanwhile, are sold at 910 and 1020 euros, respectively. The latest Moto Z is also available, for 640 euros.


Sony also has an important niche in Carrefour's premium mobile section. Specifically, the Sony Xperia XZ Premium , its latest novelty, which we can find for 800 euros. Also, as a special offer, the Xperia X in pink can be purchased, only online, for 420 euros.

The Xperia Z5 Compact is also in the catalog. In white for 540 euros, and in black for 570 euros. Also the Xperia XZ, you can get for 590 euros. Finally, the Xperia X Performance is found for 700 euros.

sony xperia z5 compact android


We move on to Huawei now. Among its models we find the Huawei P9 and its Plus version, for 420 and 750 euros , respectively. The Mate 9, in gray or silver, you have it for 700 euros. Finally, you can buy the Huawei P8 Premium in gold for 530 euros.


You can also find the latest Xiaomi phones in the Carrefour catalog. Specifically, the same Xiaomi Mi MIX is on sale for 770 euros. You can find the Mi 5 for 310 euros, and the Mi 5s for 350 euros. Finally, you have the Xiaomi Mi MAX for 220 euros.

What's New

Among the novelties, the new Galaxy A3 and A5 of 2017 can be obtained for 300 and 410 euros respectively. In Huawei, the P8 2017 you have it for 330 euros. From the Honor brand, the Honor 8 is on sale for 400 euros, minus the gold color, which is worth 500.

But if what you are looking for is the latest high-end on the market, Carrefour has them too. Specifically, the LG G6 can be purchased for 750 euros. The Huawei P10 is also available, in all its models . The standard, for 650 euros. The Lite, for 350. Finally, the Huawei P10 Plus goes up to 850 euros.

samsung galaxy s8 camera selfies

Finally, the jewel in Samsung's crown, the Galaxy S8 , you can find it for 810 euros. If you want the S8 Plus, you also have it available for 100 more euros, 910.

Refurbished iPhone

A special section of Carrefour is that of reconditioned iPhones. There we can find iPhones that have been repaired and later put up for sale . The selection is limited, because much of it is out of stock. The products available are the iPhone 6s Plus 16 GB and 64 GB. We have the first one, in the three colors, for 660 euros. The second, also in all colors, for 680 euros.


Carrefour's catalog of televisions is 200 models . Among some of the most prominent, you have the LG 55EG910V. It has a 55-inch OLED screen and costs 1,480 euros. In Panasonic we have the TX55DS500E, 55 inches with an LED screen in Full HD resolution. It costs 1,000 euros.

From Samsung we have the UE60j6240AKXXC LED TV, 60 inches in Full HD resolution . You can get it for 800 euros. Going down ten inches, we would have the UE50J6240AKXXC model, which would drop to 550 euros.


Guarantees and means of payment

All Carrefour products mentioned above have a 2-year warranty. Regarding payment methods, Carrefour supports credit card, Apple Pay and its Carrefour Pass service . With the Carrefour Pass card you can also access financing on the purchase.

If the amount spent is between 90 and 200 euros, it can be paid in up to 3 months without interest . From 200 euros you can also request financing of up to 10 months without interest. Of course, this last form of financing includes formalization costs of 10 euros.

Media Markt

Now it's the turn of Media Markt. Specialized surface, characterized by having everything and at good prices . We will now see if these characteristics are measured against Carrefour's.



The catalog on the Media Markt website is less massive than that of Carrefour, but it is also varied. Among its models we find convertibles, laptops and desktops .

Of convertibles, we can highlight the Asus T101HA, with an Intel Atom Z8350 processor, a solid 128 GB hard drive and 4 GB of RAM . We can find it for 350 euros.

In laptops, we find the Lenovo U41-70. With an i7-5500U chip and 8 GB of RAM , this computer has a 15.4-inch screen with Full HD resolution. Also, the audio is Dolby Home Teather certified.

If you want to get an Apple Macbook, we find a lower price range than in Carrefour. For 984 euros, for example, we can take a 13-inch Macbook Air with an i5 chip and 8 GB of RAM. On the other side, we have a Macbook Pro with an i7, 8 GB of RAM and 1 TB of SSD hard drive, for 2,740 euros.

media martk mobiles

Mobile phones

With a total catalog of around 350 models , a priori it seems that we have a smaller selection than Carrefour's. In the price section, we find quite a few similarities. The Galaxy S7 Edge, for example, they sell for 600 euros. The Galaxy S8 is also found at the same price, 810 in its standard model and 910 in its Plus model.

In general, we find a catalog more focused on the middle ranges, although there is no lack of higher-level phones. The 32GB Huawei P9 sells for 600 euros , more expensive than Carrefour, but the Plus sells for the same price, 750 euros. The Huawei P10, for its part, is sold for 640 euros, and the Lite, for 345. In that case, the same prices as Carrefour.

The LG G6 we can get it for 750 euros , the same price as Carrefour. However, in their store, when buying it they give away a gift card of 100 euros. The LG G5, for its part, has dropped to 350 euros. We can also get the Honor 8 for 400 euros, the same price as in Carrefour.


We did notice some notable absences in the Media Markt website catalog. One of the most popular is among the Xiaomi catalog , from whom we find practically no entries . We also did not find the 2017 versions of the Galaxy A3 and A5.

In the Apple section, we find the iPhone 7 (product) RED 128 GB for 865 euros . The Plus, for 1,000 euros. They are prices with 10 or 20 euros lower than those of Carrefour. The iPhone 7 in its normal edition is found for 730 euros in the 32 GB model (cheaper than Carrefour), and for 910 euros ten the Plus version.

media markt teles


If what interests us are televisions, in Media Markt they also have a wide range, ranging from small-inch televisions  (up to 32 inches) to large-inch televisions (minimum 55 inches).

Some of the standouts we've seen are the Samsung 55KS7500. 55-inch curved screen, 4K SUHD resolution with HDR , all for 1,400 euros.

A very good deal is the LG 49UH603V, a 49-inch LED TV with UHD 4K resolution with HDR Pro and webOS 3.0, for only 500 euros.

If we go to Sony, we can find the KDL48WD650BAEP model. It is a 48-inch LED TV with Full HD resolution and WiFi, and we can find it for 530 euros.

samsung 55 curved

Guarantees and means of payment

The general warranty for Media Markt products is the legal minimum, that is, two years . The forms of payment are the credit card, Paypal and the Media Markt card.

Media Markt has an agreement with the Cetelem bank and admits variable financing . You must have a Media Markt card and thereafter access to the service is allowed. The maximum funding is 3,000 euros and up to 5 years. The minimum fee is 12 euros per month. Media Markt's own page has a calculator to know how a purchase would be.

As a current offer, and until April 19, Media Markt is offering 0% financing for up to 30 months .

robot media markt

Last conclusions

Comparing the service of Media Markt and Carrefour has made us see some differences between both platforms. Carrefour clearly has a larger catalog, with more makes and models . The prices are quite similar, although we have found some entrances where Media Markt sells cheaper.

The guarantee in both stores is the same , although the financing conditions are better at Carrefour than at Media Markt.

In terms of design, both websites are quite worked , although Carrefour's is a bit more intuitive than Media Markt's, where banners with ads abound, but then the general search is not so visible.

These have been our impressions, now it's up to you to decide .