The next Netflix series is a version of Yellow Humor


"Welcome to the ultimate duel between man and beast." says Sylvester Stallone in the promo video for Ultimate Beastmaste r, their upcoming release. What more can you ask for? Based on jumps, falls and blows, fans of shows like Gladiators American or Humor Amarillo will have tremendous fun with this new addition of Netflix to your grill, the first form of competition serialized oriented to an international audience in six languages different .

108 contestants in total participate in this competition is filmed as series of 10 chapters . In each national episode two contestants will participate , 12 adding all the versions, who will try to win over " The Beast ", an intricate obstacle course designed so that only the most prepared and courageous can complete it. At the end of each chapter there will be a " Beastmaster ", a single winner from each country, and in the last chapter the nine champions from the previous episodes will face each other in their fight to get the title of " Ultimate Beastmaster ".

The world premiere of the first season will take place on February 24, 2017. Those who are used to using Netflix will know that in its service, the series do not go through chapters, but are offered in full for the public to enjoy them at pace that you consider appropriate. Thus, if the program hooks you, you can meet the Ultimate Beastmaster in a matter of hours. Of course, stop to go to the bathroom at least.

Six different versions

One of the most original characteristics of the Netflix proposal is that they will offer six different versions for six different countries. The selected countries are the USA, Brazil, South Korea, Mexico, Germany and Japan . In each case, the presenter or presenters will change for each version, in addition to the language , of course. In the  North American case , the presenter is an old friend of StalloneTerry Crews , whom you can see in action in the film series The Mercenaries. In the rest of the case, they are athletes, journalists and comedians recognized in their countries, as is the case of  Anderson Silva in Brazil (UFC champion), Luis Ernesto Franco in Mexico,  Sayaka Akimoto in Japan or  Hans Sarpei in Germany.

Is worth checking that no Spanish edition , although this problem can become an advantage if Netflix Spain decides to make a humorous dubbing as was done in Humor Amarillo , program cult television in the nineties. It would probably ruin the original concept of the series, but it would make it work much better in our country . Especially before the imminent appearance of the Ninja Warrior contest  on Antena 3, which can become an important competition, also being  open and in Spanish .

ultimate beastmaster

The series is produced, as we have already told you, by Sylvester Stallone and  Dave Broome , creator of some successful American series such as The Biggest Loser . Starting on February 24, you can enjoy a festival of strong emotions, and many, many smacks .