How to download the Spotify songs that you add to Your Music


Downloading songs from Spotify to have them stored and always ready to play on your computer or mobile device is not easy. In fact, in principle it is not possible, unless you use the system that we want to propose to you today. It's about incorporating your favorite songs into a playlist, then exporting them to YouTube and transforming them into an MP3 file to listen to anywhere. It sounds easy and it is, but like everything else, the procedure has its technique and you have to follow it closely to achieve it. Today we want to tell you how to download the Spotify songs that you add in Your Music . Are you ready? Ready? Already!

Spotify list

1. The first thing we recommend you do is create a playlist for each group of songs you want to download. If you only want to download a song, do the same, because otherwise, things can get complicated. Simply click on the New list  button and drag the songs you want to download. You can include a whole album, several or the songs of many different artists and groups.

2 . When you have the playlist, we recommend that you access Soundiiz . It is an online tool that allows you to download playlists and export them to the different services you use online. Now, you will have to log in to the YouTube module and then do the same in the Spotify module . The management will be fast because you can log in through your Facebook or even Google account .


1 . The first thing you have to do is access Soundiiz , a tool with which you can download and export all kinds of playlists from online services. Once inside, log in with Spotify and also YouTube . Keep in mind that you will have to grant a series of permissions so that the tool can access your sessions.

2. When you're done, you'll see them appear in the appropriate boxes (in this case, we'll take a look at Spotify ). What we want to achieve with this is to transfer the list you want to download to YouTube . Click on the arrow icon that corresponds to the desired list (it is right next to the configuration gear).


3. Find the playlist that includes the songs you want to download. Click on the export icon and then choose the landing pad. In this case YouTube . Note that the chances of this working will depend on whether the songs are also available on the Google video platform .

4. Click on the title of the playlist , inside the YouTube box . The system will take you directly to a list with all the videos and selected songs.

5. But beware, we haven't finished yet. Next, you will have to convert YouTube videos to songs in MP3 format . To do this, all you have to do is access this converter  and copy and paste the link of the playlist.

6. You can choose if you want to download song by song or if, on the contrary, you prefer to download all the songs to your computer in MP3 format . At this point, we have to tell you that you may have to register or log in to this converter. It will only take a few minutes.

Have you managed to download your favorite songs from Spotify in MP3 format? Tell us what technique you use below in the comments.