The funniest memes and messages of the Elections 2019

The race towards the Presidency of the Government of these elections has been characterized more than ever by the clashes between the different candidates. Since the official campaign started on April 12, we have witnessed a rough debate, with situations of real tension, appeal to fear, that if debate yes or if debate no, Catalonia ... There has been everything, we have even attended two simultaneous televised debates between the candidates of the main parties.

Anything goes to get the long-awaited vote and, even more, to awaken the imagination of Internet users. Luckily for all of us, the web has been filled with election jokes. The situation, of course, is real meat of 'memes', jokes, modified images . Creativity to power!

Here we collect for you the best of the best  so that you have a good summary of how the campaign has been through “and you more”. And remember that this Sunday you have to vote.

Hi there


- Henrique Lage (@Henrique_Lage) April 2, 2019

It all started with the slogan chosen by the PSOE on its electoral poster: 'Make it happen' in red letters and on a photograph of Pedro Sánchez . Immediately afterwards, the tweeters took advantage of this (bad) campaign start and filled the Network with the most ingenious memes. There were comparisons to the mythical 'Ola ke ase' and even to the movies 'Elysium' and 'The Martian' starring Matt Damon.

This year there will be general, European, regional and local elections. #EleccionesGenerales

- Said (@saitoel) February 15, 2019

Of course, no one escapes the over-accumulation of elections that we will attend in 2019. Anyone has a bad year, of course, but there are those who take the fast track to fix this mess.

Pedro Sanchez

There have also been references to the photo of Pedro Sánchez about his routine of running 10 kilometers a day. And it is that in full electoral campaign the President of the Government shared a photo in which you can see him with a cap, tights, sneakers and a T-shirt that commemorates the 25 years of the Olympic Games of Barcelona 92. If that ... Who comes up with these things?

Amaia Montero seeing the cover of Malú and Albert Rivera

- Alex Hoces (@Alex_Hoces) February 19, 2019

Another glorious moment of the (pre) campaign was the moment when Albert Rivera announced that he  could have started a courtship with the singer Malú . The jokes ran like wildfire with assemblies about the supposed  "evil eye" that Amaia Montero could have thrown  at Malú  after their dispute over some statements by the latter.

Amaya Montero getting involved with Abascal for competing with Malú.

- Alvaro Velasco (@alvaro_velasco) February 20, 2019

There are even those who pointed to another possible 'right-wing' romance between Amaia and Santiago Abascal, and thus overshadow the recent couple.

debate four

But without a doubt, what has captured the center of all eyes were the two consecutive debates that Pedro Sánchez, Albert Rivera, Pablo Iglesias and Pablo Casado faced in a dialectical combat .

Santiago Abascal outside the set asking to participate. # ElDebateDecisivo.

- Modesto García (@modesto_garcia) April 23, 2019

Although some of the debate had to watch it from home.

Teaching his master #ELDEBATEenRTVE

- PRF (@ ribafer96) April 22, 2019

These politicians never tire of boring us with their charts here and there. At least there are those who know how to make better use of these cards, and by the way, let's have a laugh.


Anyway, two debates that we could summarize with the image above.

Let us hope that this tough campaign will bear fruit for the protagonists of the electoral evening next Sunday. At least, for our part, we are satisfied with the laughter that we have thrown at his expense.