9 applications that you have to install yes or yes on your Samsung mobile

10 essential apps for the Samsung Galaxy A50

One UI, Samsung's customization layer, doesn't exactly claim to be a simple layer. If we want to get the most out of our mobiles, however, we are forced to resort yes or yes to third-party applications. Beyond the applications that we usually install (Instagram, YouTube, WhatsApp ...), there is a whole string of applications with much more powerful and interesting functions . We have compiled some of these to install on a Samsung mobile or any compatible device.

Samsung Members to test beta versions of Android

Currently, the only way to participate in the Samsung beta program is by downloading the Samsung Members application. Once we have registered our data we will have to access the relevant section within the application to see the number of beta versions available.

From this application we can also report device failures, as well as access the Samsung forum to find out some solutions to several of the most common errors of the company's mobiles. In short, a more than useful tool for our phone.

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Google Camera

9 applications that you have to install yes or yes on your Samsung mobile 1

At tuexperto.com we have already told you countless times about the advantages of the Google camera over the original manufacturers' camera application.

It is a fact, the images obtained through the first one are much better. To this we must add the addition of modes such as Portrait Mode, Night Mode or Astrophotography Mode to take images of the stars in the open sky. Unfortunately, the compatibility of this application is limited to a few models from the company.

In the article on tuexpertomovil.com that we will leave you below, we collect all the Samsung mobiles compatible with Google Camera.

Blokada to block application advertisements

9 applications that you have to install yes or yes on your Samsung mobile 2

In the past, we were forced to resort to complex methods to block application and browser advertisements on Android. Nowadays, it is as simple as using Blokada, a tool that blocks all advertising on the system. This also applies to Internet browsers, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or the native Samsung browser .

The operation of Blokada is really simple. The tool will alter the Android DNS addresses for its own to filter all the advertising content that comes from the Internet. Precisely for this reason we will have to grant you a series of additional permissions.

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AppFree to see free applications that were previously paid

Already suggested by its own name. It is an application that collects all the paid applications that are currently offered for free in the Play Store .

The most interesting thing about this application is, without a doubt, its notification system, which will notify us in the event that one of the applications that we have previously filtered is offered for free in the Google store. We can also filter the content based on our country and currency.

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Kodi to turn your Samsung phone into a Smart TV

9 applications that you have to install yes or yes on your Samsung mobile 3

This application, intended mainly for televisions and TV Box, allows us to view audiovisual content from countless sources, which we can download from different places on the Internet.

Series, movies, television programs, documentaries, radio stations ... In short, a content manager that transforms our smartphone into a regular television. No ads, no annoying ads. Everything within the reach of a couple of clicks.

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Degoo, a cloud service with 100 GB free

Is there an alternative to Google Drive with 100GB of free cloud storage? There is an alternative to Google Drive with 100GB of free cloud storage. His name is Degoo.

The application in question gives away 100 GB of storage to all users . Like Drive, it allows you to upload all types of files, including documents, images, camera photos, videos ... And as if this were not enough , the information shared through the application is encrypted when it passes through the servers of Degoo.

Unfortunately, its operation leaves something to be desired on some occasions . Nothing we can't solve by forcing the app to close.

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Setbeat, the perfect alternative to Spotify for free

9 applications that you have to install yes or yes on your Samsung mobile 4

Known for its web application, this platform comes as one of the best free alternatives to Spotify. And when we say free it is free. Totally free .

Setbeat content comes directly from YouTube's servers . In fact, we can find the same songs as on the Google platform. Precisely for this reason we cannot find it in the Play Store. For this we will have to resort to third-party stores.

Regarding the functions of the application, Setbeat allows you to create playlists , as well as download the songs to listen to them later without an Internet connection.

WhatsDeleted to view deleted WhatsApp messages

In the Play Store there are dozens of applications that promise to view all those WhatsApp messages that have been deleted. Of all these applications, WhatsDeleted is probably the best option we can find .

Perhaps its biggest drawback is the amount of ads present in the notifications and the application. For the rest, the tool allows us to see all kinds of content deleted in WhatsApp conversations. Images, videos, audio notes ... Of course, we will have to enable the automatic download of content for the correct functioning of the app.

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TubeMate to download YouTube videos

9 applications that you have to install yes or yes on your Samsung mobile 5

In short: the best application we can find on Android to download YouTube videos. For more than obvious reasons, the application is not in the Play Store, but we are forced to resort to the developer's website.

Regarding TubeMate's functions, this tool allows us to select the final quality of the videos (HD, Full HD, 2K…) and the file format (MP3, MP4…) . It also supports parallel file download. In this way, we can create a list to download different videos and songs from YouTube.