Panasonic SC-MAX4000, audio system with powerful bass

panasonic max4000

This mini system takes up little space, but offers a lot of power. Its bold-looking design is very modern. It carries its own lighting, which can be switched on and off. The multi-colored lights change to the beat of the music. The Panasonic SC-MAX4000 can play music from a wide variety of sources. On the one hand, it incorporates a CD disc reader , which also supports CD-R and CD-RW discs that are loaded with MP3 files . It also has an FM and AM radio tuner with the capacity to memorize 45 stations in total. It has two USB 2.0 ports. One of them allows you to play music from memory keys, external hard drives and MP3 players. The other not only enables audio playback, but also serves to record . Of course, the file format in which you can record and play is MP3, only.

The possibilities don't end there. This Panasonic equipment can play music wirelessly via Bluetooth , from smartphones, tablets and other devices. The task of pairing these devices with the mini system is made easier if they both support NFC (Near Field Communication). It is a stereo audio system that supplies an RMS audio output power of 2,400 watts in total. This is possible thanks to a triple digital amplifier. The manufacturer has incorporated various bass booster systems such as D Bass and Airquake Bass .


User can mix by using Jukebox function . Likewise, an equalizer with preset Latin rhythms is available to you, apart from the conventional manual equalizer . This system is compatible with the MAX JUKE app for mobile devices, which provides various functions for DJing just like a DJ. And within the MAX DJ function are half a dozen effects that you can apply: filter, sound chopper, phaser, harmonizer, electro echo and pitch shifter. In short, everything you need to liven up any party well. The SC-MAX4000 from Panasoniclets you mix down two songs that are in internal memory or on an external device connected by USB during musical transitions. It even includes a simple karaoke feature .

As for the pair of speakers , they have a configuration of three ways . Each features a 6-centimeter diameter tweeter, an 8-centimeter woofer, and a 12-centimeter superwoofer. It has an auxiliary audio input with a stereo minijack connector (3.5 mm), an audio input and a microphone input jack (6.3 mm). It comes with a small remote control . The main unit, which weighs 5.8 kilos, measures 492 millimeters wide by 221 millimeters high and 421 millimeters deep. As for the speakers, each one weighs 19 kilos and its dimensions are 407 by 709 and by 389 millimeters. In short, the Panasonic SC-MAX4000 It will be distributed in our country at a retail price pending to be announced.