The best features of LG's smart washing machines

The best features of LG's smart washing machines

The number of users interested in creating a smart home is growing rapidly. The mass arrival of smart speakers and the ease offered by some accessories, such as light bulbs, mean that many of us are starting to automate our homes little by little. So it is logical to think that the next step that a user interested in this type of device could take is to buy an appliance with more advanced functions. As for example the new smart washing machines from LG, which arrive equipped with the ThinQ system .

But LG's latest washing machines aren't just smart because they're compatible with the most popular assistants. They are also when it comes to washing our clothes, since they have the AI ​​Direct Drive motor. This is able to detect the characteristics of the fabric and adjust the movements of the drum to achieve the best results. On the other hand, LG's new smart washers come equipped with the latest in washing machine technology, such as TurboWash and Steam + systems, as well as compatibility with LG's TWINWash mini washers. So we are going to reel off all the features offered by the new LG smart washing machines .

 Series 4Series 5Series 7Series 9
Maximum washing capacity8 and 9 kg8, 9 and 10.5 kg9 and 10.5 kg10.5 kg
ColorWhiteWhite and InoxWhite and InoxWhite
MotorAI Direct DriveAI Direct DriveAI Direct DriveAI Direct Drive
TurboWash technologyNotNotYes (59 min)Yes (39 min)
Steam systemSteam (F4WN409S0 model only)Steam or Steam +, depending on the modelSteam +Steam +
TWINWash compatibleNotYesYesYes
ThinQ compatibleYesYesYesYes
Release dateAvailableAvailableAvailableAvailable
PriceFrom 500 eurosFrom 550 eurosFrom 750 euros1,000 euros

Smart motor for more optimal washing

The best features of LG's smart motor washers

LG claims that its new washers are smart washers. But how is this possible? Indeed, it is because they are washing machines equipped with a powerful Artificial Intelligence system .

This system acts mainly on the engine. In fact, these washers include a motor called AI Direct Drive . This system is capable of detecting the characteristics of the fabric introduced in the washing machine and establishing the optimal movements of the drum for a better care of the clothes .

The best features of smart washing machines from LG technology

The AI ​​Direct Drive motor not only detects the weight of the garments, but also detects the characteristics of the fabric through its hardness. Using a big data system, it combines both values ​​to choose the optimal washing patterns, thus achieving a more efficient washing with greater care for the garments. These new LG washers have a database with 20,000 patterns , so it is really difficult for them not to find the combination you are looking for.

Through the use of the aforementioned technology, the AI ​​Direct Drive motor achieves optimal washing with each wash. This translates into no less than 18% less wear and tear on clothing , thus keeping our garments in perfect condition for longer.

But not only the AI ​​Direct Drive motor is responsible for achieving a more optimal and efficient washing at all levels. LG's smart washing machines have a whole arsenal of systems designed both to take care of clothes and to save water and energy.

For example, they are equipped with the TurboWash360 system , capable of reducing washing time to only 39 minutes. For this, four water sprays are used that cover the 360º of the drum. Reducing the washing time also reduces wear and tear on clothes (16%) and saves energy (39%), something that we will notice on the electricity bill.

They are also equipped with Steam + technology , which removes 99.9% of allergens, such as dust mites that can cause allergies or respiratory problems. This system uses steam to, in addition to making clothes allergy-proof, reduce 30% of wrinkles and thus facilitate ironing.

Even smarter thanks to voice assistants

Best features of LG smart washers attendees

We said at the beginning of the article that Artificial Intelligence is already present in many of the devices that we use in our day to day. Hence, it is extremely important that we opt for connected appliances that are capable of integrating with the rest of the devices that we have in our home.

LG smart washing machines have the ThinQ system , which will allow us to control our washing machine from anywhere thanks to its WiFi connection and the SmartThinQ application. Through this application we can download additional programs and schedule the laundry so that it is ready when we get home.

The best features of LG smart washing machines control from mobile

Additionally, LG AI Direct Drive washers are compatible with smart speakers . Soon we will be able to use the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa to control some aspects of the washing machine through voice commands.

And not only that, they have a self-diagnosis system that will allow us to save time and money if we have a problem with our washing machine. It will be the application itself that sends the diagnosis to the technicians so that they can know exactly where the problem is.

Compatible with the TWINWash mini washing machine

The best features of LG TWINWash smart washing machines

Many of the models in LG's smart washing machine range can be combined with the mini washing machine, thus becoming a TWINWash washing machine .

This year LG has decided to sell the mini washers separately , which will allow us to combine them with the "main washing machine" that we like the most. Although not all LG washing machine models are compatible with the mini washing machine, the vast majority of models in LG's smart washing machine range are.

But what is a TWINWash washing machine? TWINWash is nothing more than a mini-size washing machine that we can attach to the bottom of the main washing machine . We will thus be able to have two washing machines in one, being able to separate some items from the laundry to wash them independently.

Thus, transforming a washing machine into TWINWash will be ideal to be able to wash white garments, delicate clothes, day-to-day or gym clothes and even separate the colors. And we can do this at the same time that we wash the main laundry.

This year's mini washers feature a Slim Direct Drive Inverter motor that offers very good durability. So much so that LG gives a 10-year warranty on the engine.

Furthermore, these mini washers are also future- proof , being compatible with the SmartThinQ app . The washing machine connects to the app and allows remote control from any location.

Best features of LG TWINWash motor smart washing machines

LG has basically two models of mini washing machines in its catalog: 2 kg and 3.5 kg load . And both models are available in both stainless steel and white, so we can combine it perfectly with our main washing machine. But be careful because, as we said, not all washing machine models are compatible with mini washing machines. We can only use them in washing machines prepared for TWINWash, as we will now see.

LG smart washing machine range

LG's range of smart washing machines is quite wide, it has several series with different characteristics and capacities. Of course, all series have the AI ​​Direct Drive engine . So we are going to try to explain the difference between the different series and the characteristics that each one includes.

Series 4

Best Features of LG 4 Series Smart Washers

The entry series to LG's smart washing machine range is Series 4. It has one 8 kg model and two with a 9 kg capacity . All of them in white .

The 8kg model is the most basic, so it doesn't have the TurboWash360 and Steam + systems. And as for the 9 kg models, one of them is the same as the 8 kg and the other adds the Steam steam technology to eliminate allergens .

None of the models in this series is compatible with TWINWash mini washers , so we will not have the option to add them in the future.

Series 5

Best Features of LG 5 Series Smart Washers

In the 5 series we find two 8 kg models, a 9 kg model and a 10.5 kg model . Only the 8 kg model is available in white and stainless steel, hence there are two. The other two are white.

All models in the 5 series have the Steam program for steam washing . In addition, all of them are compatible with TWINWash mini washers . Thus they become the most basic model to choose if we want to include the second drum.

So, as you can see, the only difference between them is the capacity of the washing machine . And the color of course.

Series 7

Best Features of LG 7 Series Smart Washers

There is no 6 series in LG's range of washing machines, so we skip straight to the 7 series . This is made up of four other models . We have two with a load capacity of 9 kg and another two with a capacity of 10.5 kg . And this time, as you can imagine, both capacities are available in stainless steel and white.

What does the 7 series contribute to the 5 series? Basically two things. On the one hand, they have a 59-minute program for half a load . And, on the other hand, that Steam technology becomes the model included in the top-of-the-range models, that is, Steam + . It offers the function of eliminating allergens, but also that of reducing wrinkles .

All models in the series have the same technical characteristics, so again they only differ in color and load capacity. And, of course, they are all compatible with mini TWINWash washers .

Series 9

Best Features of LG 9 Series Smart Washers

And we come to the top of the range model of LG's smart washing machines. The 9 series seems to have a single model in white and with a load capacity of 10.5 kg . At least for the moment it is.

This model includes all the advances that we have discussed in this article. That is, it has a TurboWash 360 function for a complete wash in 39 minutes. It is also equipped with the Steam + steam system and is compatible with mini TWINWash washers .

All smart washers, as we have discussed, are equipped with the AI ​​Direct Drive motor. But, in addition, they also have LG's ThinQ system . That is, all of them can be controlled via WiFi from anywhere. And all of them will be compatible with the Google Assistant and Amazon's Alexa when these are available.

As for the price, everything will depend on the dealer we choose to buy the washing machine. But to give you a rough idea, we have looked for the price of the most basic washing machine of the 4 series and the most complete of the 9 series. The price of the 4 series model is 500 euros , while that of the 9 series is of 1,000 euros . So the logical thing is that the rest of the models move between these two prices.