The Tunnel, how to download The Tunnel for free


Things are changing, and in what way, when we talk about cinema and copyright . After the resignation of Lex from the Church as president of the Academy, we had not seen another forceful gesture than on this issue. Now we have just learned that in the next few weeks a horror movie will be released in an unpublished form through BitTorrent . We are talking about a free screening that was subsidized in a very curious way , quite similar to the one carried out by the Blue & Malone guys with spontaneous funding from Internet users . But let's see what this project consists of.

The film in question is called The Tunnel and is a story filmed in  tunnels abandoned that formed part of a railway network in the city of Sydney . During World War II , General Macarthur used these tunnels as a center of operations. Today these phantasmagorical spaces once again become the scene of a fictional story that is part of the horror genre . In this way, the production company Paramount Home Entertainment Australia has decided to start distributing the film through theP2P networks for free . The company has already indicated that is not shown neither for nor against piracy , using legitimate formula P2P as a new strategy distribution.


But this is not all. After the film has been released worldwide via BitTorrent , Paramount will release a DVD with the tape that will be complemented by exclusive content and an alternate ending . Thus, the producer will try to encourage purchases by users who have enjoyed the film and are curious to discover an ending different from the original . The idea is that this method influences viewers so that in this new formula they decide to finally support the creators of the film, either by buying more content or acquiring new ones.products related to the film .

The film will be available to users of BitTorrent in the coming days . We will be attentive to confirm the official departure date .