▷ OK Google and Android Auto: 78 commands compatible with the car

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Since Android Auto has been integrated into Google Assistant, we can use a multitude of commands through OK Google to interact with the different applications of the system. And it is that although until now we could make use of most commands while driving, the system forced us to unlock the phone to change applications in case of issuing orders that depend on third party applications, such as WhatsApp, Gmail or Telegram.

Weeks ago we showed you 10 of the best Android Auto tricks for the car. This time we have made a compilation of no less than 78 OK Google commands for Android Auto .

78 OK Google commands to use in Android Auto

Among all the commands that currently exist for Google Assistant, we can find a huge list whose destination is limited to the use of the Google Assistant in the car or any vehicle and phone that supports Android Auto.

Navigation and travel

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If we have Google Maps or a GPS application compatible with Android Auto, such as Waze , we can make use of a multitude of commands for navigating the vehicle between different cities.

We can also interact with the different places and establishments in the city in question. Consult the cheapest gas stations, the nearest supermarket ... Maps also includes the possibility of adding personalized places, being able to "go to Pepe's house" or "to work" if we previously create the relevant places.

  • How to get home by car
  • How to go to Lisbon from Mérida without paying tolls
  • How to go to Mérida
  • How to get to Atocha
  • How to get to Juan's house
  • How do I go by car to Badajoz
  • How long would it take to drive to Malaga
  • How long would it take to get to Amsterdam Central Station
  • Give me the address of the Badajoz Conference Center
  • Tell me all the buses that lead to Cáceres
  • Tell me all the trains that lead to Merida
  • Where is the nearest supermarket
  • Where is the Méndez Alvaro station
  • Where is my hotel
  • Where I am
  • Find the Vistalegre Palace in Madrid
  • Show me the map of Montijo
  • Show me places of interest in Cáceres
  • There are gas stations near here
  • Take me to barcelona
  • Show me the status of the flight to Seville
  • Show me the nearest gas station
  • Show me the flights to Madrid
  • Show me the flights from Barcelona to Amsterdam
  • Show me interesting places in Quito
  • Sailing to Mom's house
  • Sailing to Matadero de Madrid
  • Navigate to work
  • Distance between Salamanca and Valladolid

Notices, events and reminders

One of the great advantages of Android Auto is that we will not need to take our eyes off the road to use its functions.

In this case, the application supports commands for notifications and events on our calendar , so that we can schedule appointments by raising our voices.

  • Let me know that I have a Tinder date at 18:00 at the Atocha station
  • Good morning (the assistant will read all the news of the day and activate the radio on the phone)
  • Tell me the news of the day
  • Starts a 4 minute countdown
  • Set an alarm at 2:23 pm
  • Set an alarm in 4 minutes
  • What events do I have during this morning
  • What time is it
  • What time is it in Porto
  • What do I have on the calendar this afternoon
  • Remind me that I have to go to the Madrid workshop tonight
  • Remind me that I have a meal tomorrow at five in the afternoon

Music and radio

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As with the GPS functions, if we have music applications compatible with Android Auto, we can make use of in-car playback. In addition to Google Music, Spotify, YouTube Premium and TuneIn for radio are some of the applications compatible with Auto.

Android Auto also supports the playback of audiobooks and podcasts through compatible applications such as Audiobooks Pro, OverDrive or Google Play Books.

  • Open Spotify
  • Turn down the music volume
  • Change song
  • Switch from radio to Rock FM
  • Stop the music
  • Skip the song on Spotify
  • Put the latest ACDC album on Spotify
  • Put the radio station 93.10 FM
  • Put me Izal on Spotify
  • Ponme La mujer de verde by Izal on Spotify
  • Put me La SER on the radio
  • I want to hear Marta Aguadero's book "The Lion Historian"
  • I want to hear Los 40 Principales on the radio
  • I want to hear a song by Shakira
  • Play the podcast from Tuexperto.com
  • Play the music
  • Turn up the music volume

Weather and meteorology

If we are going to visit a city, we can ask for all kinds of meteorological information to make the respective forecasts in case of rain or snow. In this case we will not need to have any third-party application, since Android Auto and OK Google are integrated with Assistant.

  • Tell me if there is snow in Bilbao
  • It's raining in Valladolid
  • It's windy in Casar
  • It will rain at night in Montijo
  • What is the temperature now in Almendralejo
  • What will the weather be tomorrow in Seville
  • What is the wind in Madrid
  • It's going to be cold this afternoon

Messaging and calls

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What would Android Auto be without the calls and messages. Through the OK Google command we can interact with the main messaging applications (WhatsApp, Telegram, Messenger ...), email applications (Gmail, Outlook ...) and phone calls , in such a way that we can write messages, send emails or make calls to any contact on our agenda without actually touching the screen.

  • Send an email to Pepe with the subject "Important" and the message "I think I'll be late for the meeting"
  • Send an email to Marta with the subject "Exam grade" and the message "At the end I have failed. Touch repeat course "
  • Send a Telegram message to Antonio that says "This afternoon we meet at 17:00"
  • Send an SMS to Antonio "Have you consulted the return of the Income Statement?"
  • Send a message to Belén saying "Shall we meet Sunday for dinner?"
  • Send a message to Mom on WhatsApp saying "I'll pick up Juan at 18:00"
  • Send a Telegram to Montero that says "I'm 5 minutes from your house, as soon as I arrive I'll whistle you with the car"
  • Call Pepe
  • You can call mary