How to find subtitles for your movies in Subdivx and how to use them

How to find subtitles in Subdivx

Subtitles are a very important tool for all movie fans, and especially for those who like to see movies and series in their original version. Subdivx is one of the best platforms that we can find on the Internet to download subtitles for movies and series in Spanish. In this article we explain how you can download Subdivx subtitles , and how to use them in the simplest way possible.

How to download subtitles for your series and movies

There are many situations in which the use of subtitles may interest us. Surely the most traditional use is with films in their original version , constituting an excellent way to learn new languages ​​while having fun and entertaining.

Subdivx is the most important Spanish subtitle platform that we can find on the Internet. This website is specialized in subtitles in our language, so it will be difficult for us not to find the content that interests us.

As soon as we enter Subdivx we see that the portal does not show a list with the last subtitles that have been added. Fortunately, it also includes a handy search engine at the top of the interface.

This search engine will not be very useful to find the subtitles that we need. We just have to write the name of the series and press the Enter key. With this, the system will show us all the results that the entered keyword contains.

How to find subtitles in Subdivx 2

We click on the result that interests us and the option to download the subtitles will appear. With this, we will download a compressed file with a .RAR extension, inside which are the subtitles.

How to find subtitles in Subdivx 3

How to use downloaded subtitles

Using the subtitles that we have downloaded with SubDivx is really very simple. If we are going to play the video files on our computer, all we need to do is save both the video file and the subtitle files in the same folder.

Something very important is that both files must have exactly the same name , so it is almost certain that you will have to rename them to match.

How to find subtitles in Subdivx 4

Once you have both files saved with the same name, you just have to open the video file with your favorite player and the subtitles should be displayed immediately.