10 YouTube videos of spectacular magic tricks

10 YouTube videos of spectacular magic tricks

Magic is something that moves. Discover that the impossible, for a few moments, can come true and feel that miracles exist. That, although deep down we know that everything is due to suggestion and some improbable hand movements, it continues to excite us, trick after trick. I still remember when, as a child, television was filled with magic specials. In any variety show, in addition to the comedian on duty, a magician was always included to delight the viewer. Card tricks, mentalism, staging with intricate rigging ... It didn't matter what the trick consisted of, the ending was always the same: ending with your mouth open , thinking "how the hell could he have done that?"

Now there is little magic on television. But we don't have to stop enjoying it for that. For this we have YouTube where we can enjoy, again and again, true geniuses of magic, escapism and sleight of hand. And to ask ourselves, once again, how they have been able to carry out what we have just seen. One piece of advice I give you: never try to find out how a magician performed the trick. All magic would be lost.

Spectacular YouTube magic tricks

'Shadows' or the Penn and Teller flower trick

One of the most amazing tricks that we are going to teach you today in this special. The duo Penn and Teller is considered one of the best in the world of magic and this illusionist trick gives a good account of it. In it, the silent Teller plays with shadows to create a unique and surprising effect. The first time this trick is seen, it is surprising. And a lot.

The best trick ever

Every three years, the International Federation of Magic meets to celebrate the Olympics of Magic, where the best trick of the moment is chosen. In 2018, and valid until 2021, this is the trick he won in the last celebration , executed by the Chinese Eric Chien, in the category of proximity magic. And seeing it, we understand why it was the winner. Changes of colors, of objects… everything that the magician executes in this five minute video is amazing. Seeing is believing.

The duck and the chicken trick

A trick for animal lovers ... although some may find it a bit creepy. In it, the magician dedicates himself, like Doctor Frankenstein, to exchanging the heads of the animals . It is a very fun trick that will leave the little ones in the house astonished. Of course, after warning them that it is a trick, they will not try to do it with the cat and dog in the house.

Card magic and smoke from Shin Lim's hand

Shin Lim is an expert in what we know as ' close-up magic ' in which a magician performs his routine very close to the spectators and in which the difficulty, therefore, is increased. Shin Lim also uses an unexpected ingredient in these types of tricks: smoke. An elegant and sophisticated trick.

The invisible chair

In this trick, Julius Dein sits in the middle of a public street, in front of the astonished spectators, on the void, the nothing. There is nothing holding Julius down in this stunt and yet he seems to be comfortably sitting, reading a newspaper or using his mobile phone. Viewers crouch down to see what the trick is but still don't know how he was actually able to pull off such a feat. And you, are you able to guess it?

A trick revealed ... with a surprise ending

In this trick, the masters Penn and Teller explain to the viewer what the classic and well-worn trick consists of cutting the magician's partner in half, after having put her in a box, with a large saw. But how could it be otherwise when it comes to Penn and Teller, nothing is what it seems. Humor and magic are combined in this trick in an explosive way.

The best magician ever

In a special about magic tricks, our national pride could not miss, the great Juan Tamariz, considered by many to be the best magician of all time. In this classic nine-minute routine, the magician combines humor and cards  in a close-up magic trick, starring a band of Assailants… made up of the four aces from the deck.

Goodbye Statue of Liberty

And of course, in a list of magic tricks that we can find on YouTube, we could not miss one of the most spectacular magic tricks and that gave the most to talk about, performed by one of the first superstars in this magic, the well-known, and ex-husband of top model Claudia Schiffer, David Copperfield . In this trick, he made nothing more and nothing less than the Statue of Liberty disappear.

The pop magician does his thing ... with Pablo Alboran

A special magic trick for Pablo Alborán fans, performed by one of the great revelations of magic in recent times, the Pop Magician. Antonio Díaz, real name of Pop Magician, became the first magician to have a magic program by himself, emulating other foreign television formats such as those starring magicians such as Chris Angel or Dynamo. In this trick, Pablo Alborán cuts a spectator's ponytail … and although the end is seen to come from afar, this trick broadcast on television is no less effective and enjoyable.

A trick? not for the squeamish

And we end our tour of the magic tricks that we can find on YouTube with a very special one that can make the hair stand on end to the most hardened of viewers. In it, the fakir Blackthorne gobbles up a jackhammer in front of stunned onlookers. Please, even if you look capable, do not try to emulate this trick at home. Most likely, you will end up with a sore throat for quite some time.