The best Roast Yourself Challenge YouTube videos of famous youtubers

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Let's go back in time, specifically to 2016. That year in the United States a trend began that would soon cross the Atlantic Ocean and reach our shores. We talked about the "challenges", videos that became popular at breakneck speed and left us with various gems for posterity. Today we have decided to revive the Roast Yourself Challenge , this challenge consists of creating a song based on the criticism received from fans and detractors also called "haters"

Roast Yourself Challenge

YouTube is a huge mixed bag where countless content creators coexist. It is not necessary to belong to a specific niche to carry out this challenge, so that is why we have chosen the ones that we liked the most in addition to some that are less controversial.

DulceRoast Yourself Challenge

Aida Domènech, also known as Dulceida on social networks, is a fashion blocker and businesswoman based in Spain. If we enter her YouTube channel we can see from vlogs to clothing hauls, in which she shows the latest clothes she has purchased. Despite having a practically innocuous content, it is not saved from criticism, in its video we will be able to see and especially hear what its beloved haters tell it.

WindyGirk and the Fortnite wound

The Fortnite tournament organized by El Rubius had a clear loser and no need to participate. This was WindyGirk, which, as he says in his video, “not even showing your body do they invite you to their tournaments”. The youtuber / cosplayer has been controversial since she entered the platform, not so much because of what she does but rather because of the audience she has. Mostly men who enjoy content "for adults", she herself explains in the video all the insults and criticisms - nothing constructive - that she receives in her day to day life.

Redhead, attempted rapper

JPelirrojo is one of the youtubers who have been on the platform for the longest time. Over the years, he has accumulated enough haters that his videos are inundated with comments wishing him anything but a good life. His Roast Yourself Challenge draws on these comments, but despite considering himself a rapper, his video is almost the one with the worst rhythm.

Marina Yers, the queen of challenges

It is possibly one of the videos of this challenge with the best audiovisual production. Marina Yers is a well-known figure on YouTube . Where she goes gives a lot to talk about, this is evident in the inspiration she has taken to create the lyrics of the song. We note that most comments are intended for her physique, but as we can see, she knows how to turn a deaf ear and create a song capable of silencing any hater.

Werevertumorro, almost PewDiePie

The Mexican youtuber takes a different approach to this challenge. In his video we will find him rapping to confront his past self who lashes out at his decisions and judges what his channel has become. It is certainly an interesting twist to this challenge. It will be in our power to decide who is the winner of this confrontation.

YellowMellow trying to be Casey Neistat since 2010

One of the most recurring criticisms in all the Roast Yourself Challenge is the "inspiration" that youtubers have when making their videos. In the case of YellowMellow, he finds quite serious allegations about the originality of his content, especially his vlogs. Which have a more than reasonable inspiration in those made by the American youtuber Casey Neistat.

Roenlared, the short shadow of J Redhead

She started out as the "girlfriend of" to eventually become one of the most important channels on the Spanish scene. Despite having proven their worth, there are always people who decide to make comments as “hunting partners ” or questioning the way to get an audience. For all of them Roenlared has made this video.

Juan Pablo Jaramillo, dramaqueen

On the other side of the pond there is a YouTube in which many content creators apart from German Garmendia shine. One of them is Juan Pablo Jaramillo, among its content we will find videos about fashion, comedy and even vlogs. He has received a lot of criticism due to his sexual orientation and lifestyle, but he has taken it out on this video in which he shows how little those comments matter to him.

Juca, Mexican and furious

A motor enthusiast, Juca enjoys doing tricks with his cars. The thing does not stop here, since it has been on the cover of several yellow press magazines in his native country. This is due to his fondness for stepping on the gas more than necessary. Of course, everything came to nothing since it did not exceed the allowed limit. He is also an inveterate project entrepreneur, but unable to finish any.

YouTube's challenges and trends change every year, so far in 2019 no crazy trend has appeared. We look forward to what the year holds in terms of content creators and in a few years to make some compilation. These videos should not be forgotten.