PES 2013, Cristiano Ronaldo in the first video of PES 2013

Pro Evolution Soccer 2013

Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 revs up, Konami's next soccer game has already been seen with its first presentation trailer . After the official website of PES 2013 appeared recently on the network, it was sung that Konami's announcement for PES 2013 could not go much further in time and it has been. We are still a long way from seeing the game in stores, since as usual and except for surprise, PES 2013 will go on sale next September . It is possible that it is the last Pro Evolution Soccer for the current big platforms, before Sonyand Microsoft introduce new game systems and let's move on to a new generation of consoles.

As always, PES 2013 will go on sale in multiplatform format , being present among others on Xbox 360 , PlayStation 3 , PC , Wii , PS Vita , and mobile phones . Konami will go for the player of the Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo , as shown in the video that will be able to see then where the player Luso appears with serious face and equipped with merengue team jersey. Konami has confirmed that after this first contact with PES 2013, will offer the first full trailer (probably with images of the game in action) next Tuesday  , April 24.

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One more year,  Pro Evolution Soccer will be the main rival of FIFA , the Electronic Arts game that in recent years has taken a lot of ground from PES to become the main football game in sales volume. Criticism blames Konami for a stagnation in its game system , despite the fact that in recent years Pro Evolution Soccer has undergone a slight facelift that has pleased the most staunch fans , but that has not been enough to dethrone it FIFA . PES 2013 will have Cristiano Ronaldo againas an advertising image just like last year. The Real Madrid player last season replaced Messi , who has been the cover of PES in recent years.

Like a year ago, Konami has moved ahead several months to present a game that will presumably see the light of day in five months. In recent years it has been commented that the graphic potential of this generation of consoles has been able to reach a ceiling with football games, something that we have verified in the latest installments of FIFA and PES. Therefore, the greatest innovation in PES 2013 should be in the playable section, polishing several bugs that were left in the pipeline in last year's delivery. Without further ado, we leave you with the first trailer for PES 2012, where Cristiano Ronaldo, with more of a Terminator lookAs a footballer, he goes down to the field while Konami reminds us that “Talking is easy. What matters is what happens in the field ”. Don't miss the appointment with on the 24th to see the full first official trailer for PES 2013 , we'll see what Konami surprises us with  ...