Why is the Ryanair website not working

Why is the Ryanair website not working

If you accessed the Ryanair website this afternoon, you may have found that it does not work. Well, you should know that it was planned. Yesterday the controversial company published a statement on its page in which it warned of the update of the reservation system between November 7 and 8.

The company plans a 12-hour blackout, which will keep users without service, and which has forced customers who traveled on Wednesday and Thursday of this week to advance online check-in. All those who have not done so will be penalized.

The closing of the website will begin at 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday, November 7, to end at 6:00 a.m. on Thursday, November 8 . During all these hours, the online check-in services used to invoice and print tickets will no longer be available. Neither reservations can be made, nor modifications.


Neither check-in, nor reservations, nor modifications

While the update of the Ryanair reservation system lasts, between 6:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. on November 7 and 8, online check-in will not be possible . This can be done up to two hours before the flight leaves, but taking into account the hours in which there will be restrictions, it will be necessary to have advanced check-in or wait until the system is available again.

Same with reservations. No type of reservation can be made until 6 am on November 8. and if you want to make changes to flights, it will also have to be from that time.

If you are a Ryanair customer and you had a reservation made to fly on one of these two days, you should have received an email and a mobile message from the airline , indicating this circumstance. The statement warned passengers to check-in for their flight on Tuesday, November 6, before the website was closed.

Beware: Ryanair may impose fines

Do you have to fly today or tomorrow and you forgot to check-in online? Well, be very careful, because Ryanair could apply a good fine to you. For clients who have not realized what happened, the thing can be expensive. Why? Well, because Ryanair forces its customers to check-in online.

In fact, it usually applies surcharges to those who do it at the airport, who can pay an extra 50 euros. As if this were not enough, there are also surcharges for making changes to reservations by phone or in person. In these cases, the fine can reach 100 euros. Almost nothing.

To these controversial policies must be added another issue, which has to do precisely with a new rate that is applied from November 1 and that forces passengers to pay for hand luggage. Something that until now had no cost.

This racist white man refused to sit next to an elderly black woman on a Ryanair flight.

He called her an "ugly black bastard" & threatened to push her to another seat if she didn't move to another seat.

Ryanair - DOES NOTHING !!!

UK twitter identify HIM !!!

RETWEET THIS! pic.twitter.com/70XNsvTZBg

- StanceGrounded (@_SJPeace_) October 20, 2018

For its part, Ryanair has apologized, claiming that the disconnection from the web that occurs during these twelve hours has to do with maintenance tasks that will improve the company's systems and website. In recent months, Ryanair has been the protagonist, not only because of its controversial measures, but also because of an unfortunate racist episode that forced the victim,  Delsie Gayle, a 77-year-old citizen, to sit somewhere else , at the request of the aggressor, who he insulted and harassed his seatmate severely.

The recording of another passenger, who shared it on Twitter, exposed the individual. Ryanair exposed herself. We hope you have at least had time to check-in.