5 features of the Samsung Galaxy S8 + that you will not find in other mobiles

5 features of the Samsung Galaxy S8 + that you will not find in other mobiles

Samsung's latest big bet (at least, until we know more about the Galaxy Note 8) is the Galaxy S8 and its larger version, the Galaxy S8 +. When analyzing the second, we are also talking about the first, since in terms of software and functions they are identical. Its main difference is the size: the Galaxy S8 + has 6.2 inches of screen , while the Galaxy S8, "only" has 5.8.

Let's analyze now five characteristics that make this Galaxy S8 + a single phone. They are both functions and hardware or software aspects.



We could not miss one of Samsung's big bets for the Galaxy S8 and S8 +: Bixby, the virtual assistant. Compared to Siri and Google Assistant, Samsung offers us a system that allows the user to perform all kinds of actions through voice commands . Calls, messages, interact with other apps, receive reminders or traffic and weather information.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 + has a special Bixby button to activate it . The Spanish version has not yet arrived, but we do not doubt that it will be only a matter of time until we can enjoy this exclusive virtual assistant in our country.


One function of the Galaxy S8 + that we can also take advantage of with Bixby is Vision. Thanks to this function, we will be able to search for products only by capturing them with the camera. With Vision, the camera will recognize the object that we are focusing on , and will allow us to access the search for information about that product on the Internet, including its purchase.

It is a really useful option that allows the user to interact with the reality that surrounds him , and from a commercial point of view it is a revolution.

Samsung DeX

Using our mobile as a CPU is not a new idea. Many times we have thought that it could be an interesting temporary solution in a case where we run out of computer. With the Samsung Galaxy S8 +, for now we have a specific function to be able to do that. It's called Samsung DeX.

Thanks to this system, we will only have to plug in the screen, keyboard and mouse to the terminal , and we will be able to navigate using it as a computer. It is undoubtedly a very useful function, as we say, for specific cases and emergencies.

Curved Infinity Screen

The screen of the Galaxy S8 + is one of its most characteristic and identifying elements. Self-dubbed "Infinity Screen", it almost looks like it, as it occupies 84% ​​of the front panel . At 6.2 inches in size, the terminal is only 159mm tall. Slight top and bottom edges peek out to store the camera and front speaker, and the side frames disappear with the curved glass.

Right now, the Galaxy S8 + is a leading terminal with this image, but it is a matter of time until other brands begin to copy the “S8 look” . And it is that the effect it produces is to be in front of a mobile of the future, the product of a science fiction movie.

Samsung Galaxy S8 + conclusions

Bluetooth 5

For terminal, we are talking about the Bluetooth wireless connection system. The latest version of this technology, 5.0, was released on the Galaxy S8 +. Thus, Bluetooth 5 brings us general improvements in its way of synchronizing devices. For one thing, the data transmission speed doubles . The available bandwidth is multiplied by eight, and the range of connectivity is quadrupled.

With Bluetooth 5, connecting to wireless headphones or wearables like the Samsung Gear S3 is made much easier . In addition, data transmission via Bluetooth is now a very interesting alternative, even with a Wi-Fi connection.

The Sony Xperia XZ Premium (thanks for the correction) also has this technology. Although it was presented at the MWC, it did not hit the market until June, while the S8 + arrived a month earlier (on April 28 in Spain).

These characteristics differentiate the Galaxy S8 + from the rest of the high-end bets on the market, and make it a unique terminal . We will see for how long and if it ends up creating a school. The appearance of the Note 8 will give us a first clue.