Aibecy Translator, a portable translator for travel, shopping and work

Aibecy Translator, a portable translator for travel, shopping and work

Let's put ourselves in the situation: you are traveling to a foreign country where you do not master the language and you are more than predisposed or predisposed to go sightseeing, shopping and enjoying gastronomy. What do you do? Do you go with Google Translate showing your mobile to everyone, or do you choose to show just a small device that does almost all the translation work? This second option is simpler and more secure, and is available thanks to Aibecy Translator, a small connected travel translator that acts as an intermediary to be able to communicate without problems.

It is a device that could well pass for a digital recorder . And it is that its design is that of a rectangle measuring 12.5 x 3.5 x 1.2 cm in glossy black with silver frames. Its front is dominated by two buttons that simulate the recording icon of a recorder in use, although one in blue and the other in red. Buttons that are used to start voice recognition in one or another language, since the device allows bidirectional translations. On the right side, however, are the volume buttons, the on / off button and the microphone. In the back is the loudspeaker, through which it emits the translated phrases.

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Now, unlike what has been seen in other portable travel translators such as ili Wearable Translator, the Aibecy Translator is an extension of our mobile. And it requires an Internet connection to work . A burden that is not so much if we travel to a country where we can take advantage of roaming. The link between the translator and the mobile is made through Bluetooth connectivity, and the special application of this device is required. To get the application you have to scan the QR code in the user manual. It is available for free for both Android phones and iPhone. Once in the terminal, you just have to activate bluetooth, turn on the Aibecy Translator and wait for the sound notification to start using it. As we say, you need the mobile to have an Internet connection to translate everything.

Once the system is ready, the Aibecy Translator is capable of translating between 34 languages, entre los que se encuentran diferentes variaciones del inglés, francés, chino, alemán y por supuesto el español. Solo hay que utilizar el traductor como si de un walkie-talkie se tratase. Eso sí, primero hay que indicar en la aplicación qué dos idiomas se van a traducir para asignarlos a los botones rojo y azul y que no haya ningún problema en la experiencia. Desde ese momento, basta con pulsar el botón correspondiente a tu idioma materno para dictar frases sencillas y bien pronunciadas al traductor. En pocos segundos, el aparato manda la frase reconocida a la aplicación en el móvil, donde se traduce de forma fidedigna, y se envía de nuevo al aparato para ser emitida por el altavoz. Un proceso lo suficientemente breve como para mantener una conversación, aunque sean necesarias las pausas. Y lo mismo en dirección contraria, pero presionando el otro botón para traducir desde el otro idioma en el que se nos habla.

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The Aibecy Translator has a 600 mAh battery inside , which is charged through a micro USB port with a cable that is included in the package. Enough to support a day of tourism to use, and that is that the entire processing force is carried out directly on the mobile.

The Aibecy Translator portable translator is intended for tourist environments: directions, shopping ... but it is also indicated by its manufacturers to learn languages. And it is possible to consult the application or take advantage of it from the mobile to translate text or read the translations and learn words. In addition, it is a good option for professional environments , in which you can communicate with colleagues from other markets and countries in meetings.

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The Aibecy Translator is available in stores like Amazon for a price of 110 euros . Cheaper than other travel translators, but also more mobile dependent than they are.