Distance sex with virtual reality, the future of human relationships?

Distance sex with virtual reality, the future of human relationships?

Technological advances in virtual reality and wireless connectivity have not gone unnoticed in the sex industry , which has always been interested in adapting the latest news to its services.

The erotic webcam portal Camsoda is one of those pages that have applied technology the most, and by combining various types of software and hardware they have found what they call VIRP: Virtual Intercourse With Real People (in Spanish, virtual relationships with real people).

Human cyber relationships

According to The Verge, we have learned that CamSoda offers a complex system that combines masturbators that work with Wi-Fi and connect via Bluetooth, with a virtual reality headset , and finally, a life-size inflatable doll , where it would be inserted the vibrator.

While the client visualizes and communicates with the model, they will have physical and contact sensations that will remind them to the maximum of a real relationship . This is what Camsoda calls "the ultimate sensory experience."

While the headset with virtual reality glasses, headphones and microphone can be chosen by the customer, deciding on the company he prefers, both the vibrating hardware and the compatible life-size dolls are provided by CamSoda itself , through the LoveSense brand. and the RealDoll brand, respectively. The final investment, to be able to carry out this experience, will be several hundred euros. Of course, the service from CamSoda will have the same price range as usual.

virtual reality

Greater realism

According to the company, this system was born in response to the request of many web users for a way to feel the closest experience. Yet only 30 percent of the models that work on the web are updated to offer specialized services such technology, but if the proposed works will not be strange to see it extended. Will this idea transform adult entertainment?

For now, it seems that virtual reality has more application (and demand) in this sector than among film or video game users, where users of this technology are still a minority. The problem is always the same, the initial investment and the compatibility of the equipment, although in this case, the expectation of satisfaction may act as a sufficient hook to accept the economic cost.