How to activate and use WhatsApp Status on WhatsApp Web

How to activate and use the statuses in WhatsApp Web

For some time, WhatsApp has been working on bringing its statuses to the web version of the application. That is, to be able to see all those moments, thoughts, phrases and memes that are shared in the WhatsApp States to see them on the computer. All a convenience for those people who use WhatsApp Web in their day to day and do not want to miss the different stories that their contacts share . Or, at least, not having to check your mobile for it. Now, for this it is necessary to activate the function.

The process is simple and practically automatic. And it is WhatsApp that is activating the function from its servers. Thus, all you have to do is keep the entire system updated to get the function to activate as soon as possible. That is, update the WhatsApp mobile application to the latest version , both on Android and iOS. In addition, it is advisable to enter WhatsApp Web again to load any possible changes and new version available. Once this is done, it is now possible to start viewing the WhatsApp Status on WhatsApp Web.

Status on WhatsApp Web

The operation is exactly the same as in the mobile application. Of course, the interface varies to adapt to the proportions and format of a computer screen. Thus, we see that there is a new icon next to the bubble to write new messages. It is a circle formed by three arcs that refers to the States . A click on it takes us to a new screen with a dark tone. This is the WhatsApp Status section, which radically breaks with the appearance of the chat screen.

whatsapp web statuses

In this new screen all the States published in the last 24 hours by our WhatsApp contacts are listed. Photographs, videos, animations ”¦ Everything is accessible in the same way as on mobile. You just have to click on each contact to see their status in full screen. These are kept in view for several seconds, moving on to the next content or the next contact, as the case may be. As on mobile, we can pause the automatic playback just by keeping the mouse clicked on a State. Or even go back and watch the content again as many times as you like. Of course, as long as 24 hours have not passed since its publication. Otherwise the state disappears forever.

We do not forget the possibility to write a comment related to the State and fill it with Emoji emoticons. A good way to interact directly with said contact with the excuse of your WhatsApp Status.

write a related comment

Creating States in WhatsApp Web

No. You cannot create WhatsApp States on WhatsApp Web. At least for now. And it seems that the tool is not so much like the mobile version. Although WhatsApp Web is a mere reflection of WhatsApp for the mobile, it does not have all the functionalities of it. And among them is the creation of new states.

Although having a keyboard and mouse would be especially useful for designing much more detailed text and drawing states, it seems that WhatsApp does not allow this management to be done on WhatsApp Web. We can only hope that, in the future, at least it will be possible to publish photos and videos stored on the computer in these WhatsApp states. Something that is not confirmed or rumored.

create whatsapp web statuses

What you can do is review your own statuses created with WhatsApp on your mobile. If we have published any of these stories, the WhatsApp Web States reflect it. We click on My Status and we begin with the reproduction of everything that we have published in the last 24 hours.