Nokia 2760 - In Depth


If any company has opted for mobile telephony in all ranges , that is Nokia . The Finnish, in addition to working on the most advanced mobiles on the market , has a wide range of low-end terminals , made especially for those who do not want to spend too much on a phone or for those who need easy-to-use devices . That is the case of the Nokia 2760 , a terminal with a shell design that will delight those who bet on an easy technological life .

The truth is that the phone has a very stylish and elegant appearance . Even so, and despite this, the Nokia 2760 is a mobile with basic features , intended for audiences who do not give special importance to high-end mobile telephony .

Nokia 2760

Display and controls

Reduced screen. It is the main qualifier that we could assign to this Nokia 2760 , which has a main screen of 128 x 160 pixels and 65,536 colors , whose measurements and quality are far from terminals as simple as the Nokia 6120 Classic with its two discrete inches . A being a shell model , at the top carries an external screen displayed in black and blue and corresponding to 96 x 68 pixels .

Regarding the controls, it is necessary to speak of the corresponding alphanumeric keyboard and the essential  keys to hang up and pick up calls . Like all terminals of this type, the action of unfolding the shell already serves to connect the incoming call .


Cell phones without a camera have already passed away . In an attempt to integrate several functionalities in the same thing, Nokia has also incorporated a camera in this terminal . That is why it is possible to capture images and videos in color (black and white has also become history) with a digital VGA camera with a zoom of four times .

The same camera also helps us to record videos that they can later be played back as normal through the same phone . In any case, it must be said that the camera of this phone is purely testimonial and that it does not serve to obtain images of a moderately acceptable quality .


I connect to the Internet with the Nokia 2760 is already a little more difficult . In fact, achieving this would be quite an achievement, since the phone only has a WAP 2.0 (xHTML) web browser . But in the absence of bread, good are cakes. And it is that this terminal has an integrated Bluetooth 2.0 connection that will allow us to share content with some measure . And it is that storing large amounts of information in this terminal is practically impossible .

Multimedia and storage

But what about playing songs and videos? Well, the Nokia 2760 model allows us to play MP3 files , although we can hardly store ourselves . And it is that in addition to having only 11 MB of internal memory , the phone does not allow us to insert microSD cards to expand the memory.

In this sense, at most we can enjoy the polyphonic ringtones of 24 chords and MP3 pre-installed as standard . And it is that the Nokia 2760 would not be the multimedia phone that we are already used to , but it would be a terminal developed to fulfill basic telephony functions . The MP3 player will have to be put aside.


The battery built into the phone is a BL-4B model capable of supporting up to seven hours of talk time and 350 hours of standby time . In case the phone comes the corresponding terminal , a battery , one charger Nokia AC-3 and  Headset Stereo HS-47 or headset HS-40.

Data sheet

StandardEGSM 900/1800
Weight and measurements87 x 44.8 x 20.7 mm

80.43 grams

Memory11MB internal flash memory
CameraCamera VGA Digital VGA Zoom 4x Video Recorder
screenMain screen of 128 x 160 pixels and 65,536 colors

External black and blue display: 96 x 98 pixels

MultimediaFM radio MP3 player
Controls and connectionsNumeric keyboard

On / off key

Key lock / unlock keypad

Central wheel

Rotary Menu shortcut button

Shortcut key to Full Menu

Delete key

Bluetooth 2.0

AutonomyBL-4B battery

7 hours in conversation and 350 hours in standby