This is the Basque IKEA, to buy cheap furniture only online

This is the Basque IKEA, to buy cheap furniture only online

IKEA has been a true revolution. For some years now, there is the possibility of buying low cost furniture. They are made of cheaper materials and you assemble them at home . The fact that they travel in packages, disassembled, allows the company to save costs and provide the cheapest furniture.

Now the case of a company that has already been baptized as the Basque IKEA has become famous . They are called LUFE Furniture and its headquarters are in Azpeitia (Guipúzcoa). LUFE is nothing other than the initials of what they want to represent: "Local", "Universal", "Functional" and "Ecological".

And although it is a modest company, born just three years ago, it has already built international fame. Its great advantages are in the quality of the wood, which is natural, and in the fact that its furniture is as cheap or even cheaper than IKEA's.

If we add to this that they are one hundred percent manufactured in the Basque Country and that you can only buy them online, things still get more advantageous.

cheap lufe furniture online

Buy cheap furniture online

One of the great advantages of Muebles LUFE over IKEA is that they only sell through the Internet . This means that you can receive the furniture you want at home, without having to pay a fortune in shipping costs.

But if IKEA also sells online !, you say. Yes, but depending on where you need the furniture to be delivered , the shipping costs can be very expensive .

In this case, the shipping costs also go by sections, but the truth is that they are much cheaper than those proposed by IKEA. Thus, for smaller orders (between 0 and 50 euros) just 10 euros are added for shipping . And prices are climbing, depending on the amount of furniture you have bought. Nothing you can't afford.

cheap montessori stackable bed

Why is it different from IKEA furniture?

Although they have a simple appearance, the furniture in this Basque factory is of its own design and is made with high quality wood . People wonder how it is possible that despite that price, the furniture is good. To make each of their pieces they use insignis pine wood boards.

They are 110 mm wide and 22 mm thick sheets that are cut and adapted to different types of furniture. Once the order is placed, they are able to serve them in a week . The user receives them at home and can mount them. One of its star products is a single bed that costs 30 euros and can be assembled in just five minutes.

And so with many other products. The company also has in its catalog (which is only available online) single beds, cots and even stackable beds. And this has enchanted us, because they have a stackable wooden bed for children that adapts perfectly to the Montessori philosophy and that in other places starts from 600 euros. Here we find it for just 70 euros.

Cheap furniture in the networks

If you are a regular at Internet shopping, you will feel at home here. You can renovate your house with all kinds of furniture and do it online . On the page you will find tables, side tables, dining tables, double beds, single beds, shelves, drawers and other accessories.

At the end, a maximum of two and three finishes are offered, all of them highlighting the appearance of natural wood. You can buy, on the other hand, an enamel to give it the touch that you want. In fact, most likely, as it is polished wood, you can personalize the furniture with the paintings that you like the most.

The Muebles LUFE team is also on social media . They only sell online, but they have a very complete customer service. You can connect with them via Facebook or Twitter.