The Google Play Store reaches Google Chrome computers

The Google Play Store reaches Google Chrome computers

Months ago, the American firm from Mountain View assured that it was going to include a new feature to Google Chromebooks, computers with Chrome OS operating system. The new feature is nothing more and nothing less than the incorporation of the Google Play Store, Yes, the Google Apps store that we currently find in the Android operating system . It seems that after a few months the store is already reaching some Chromebooks. Next, we tell you which devices are receiving it. As well as what we can do with the Google Play Store in Chrome OS.

We must emphasize that Google Play was already available for Chrome OS, but only in a not very stable version, so the operation would not be the same. Now several devices have received the update that includes the store in a stable way and with little errors. The models are SUS Chromebook Flip C302, Dell Chromebook 3189, Lenovo Chromebook N22, N42, and Lenovo IdeaPad Chromebook. The other Chromebooks from 2017 onwards will surely receive the update with Google Play soon. If you have a device with the beta version and you want to change to the stable version, you can do it. You just have to go to the system settings, under the option ”˜change channel” ™. If you decide to change, all your data on your device will be erased.

Google Play on Chrome OS makes it much more practical

Play Store

With Google Play on Chrome OS we don't just win an app store. We also gain more productivity, because it allows us to download adapted applications , lighter and with a much more intuitive design. We can download, for example, the Office applications that are in the store. In addition to social applications such as Facebook or games and other apps of interest. In addition, we will have constant updates in a simple way, and of course, everything synchronized with our Google account. We will see how the google application store advances in Chrome OS and the new functions that the operating system will bring soon.