Phablet FNAC 2

Phablet Fnac 2

Fnac renews its range of phablets (manufactured by bq ) with the launch of four new models. These are the Fnac 2 5 ”HD 8GB Phablet, Fnac 2 5” HD 16GB Phablet, Fnac 2 5 ”FHD 16GB Phablet and the Fnac 2 6” FHD 16GB Phablet . These smartphones stand out for a powerful processor with up to eight cores , RAM memory of up to 2 GB and a good thirteen megapixel camera to immortalize our favorite moments. The Phablet Fnac 2 will arrive in the stores of the chain on June 17 , for a price that ranges between 180 and 300 euros . We put them all together in a thorough analysis.

Phablet Fnac 2

Design and display

In the field of design, the configuration that seems to us the most stands out is the one that combines a black frame with a white back . In this case, we can see how the white area stands out slightly in a way that creates a more modern effect. These computers are also available in a more classic black color in black and blue , but in the latter case only in the most basic configuration with 8 GB of memory and a quad-core processor. The measures of the five-inch teams amount to 142 x 71 x 8.65 millimeters and its weight is 134 grams. Meanwhile, the six-inch model has dimensions of 160.3 x 83 x 9 mm and 170 grams of weight.

The display of these models varies depending on the configuration chosen. Thus, in the Fnac 2 5 ″ HD Phablet models with 8 and 16 GB of memory we find a 5-inch panel with an HD resolution of 1,280 x 720 pixels. This resolution produces a density of 294 ppi, a remarkable figure with which a good level of detail is achieved in the contents. However, if what we want is a screen that dazzles our friends, we should opt for the Phablet Fnac 2 5 ″ FHD model with the same panel size but with a Full HD resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels. In this case, the density goes up to 440 ppi.This resolution is repeated on the Fnac 2 6 ″ FHD Phablet panel , although of course on a larger screen ( 6 inches ) the density drops to 367 ppi.

In all cases, they are panels with IPS technology with which brilliant images and very good viewing angles of up to 178 degrees are achieved both horizontally and vertically. In addition, OGS (One Glass Solution) technology has been incorporated , which eliminates one of the intermediate layers of the panel to achieve a thinner design and, above all, a panel with better visibility (and less reflections ).

Phablet Fnac 2

Photographic camera

These smartphones have a good performance when taking photos through a rear camera with 13 megapixels , autofocus and dual flash . This feature allows for higher quality snapshots in low light conditions. This lens is capable of recording 1080p high-resolution video. Nor does it detract from the front camera, which has a resolution of 5 megapixels and will help us take good quality selfies and use video conferencing apps such as Skype or Hangouts .

Memory and power

In the field of internal memory, the Fnac 2 5 ″ HD Phablet has 8 GB , while the rest of the models are committed to 16 GB. Even in the first case, it is an amount that can be enough unless we install many apps or download larger multimedia files. In case they fall short, these teams can also incorporate a MicroSD memory card of up to 32 GB.

But probably the great attraction of the new smartphones is in the power of the advanced models. If we opt for the five-inch configurations with HD screen, we can use a quad- core processor with a power of 1.3 GHz , which is coupled with a 1 GB RAM . A sufficient set but that does not arouse much enthusiasm, and that may fall a bit short in the event that we use many open apps at the same time. Where if these teams shine is in the Phablet Fnac 2 5 ″ FHD and Phablet Fnac 2 6 ″ FHD. In that case, the power depends on an eight-core processor with a power of 2 GHz,a capacity that has nothing to envy to the great launches of the market. In addition, this chip joins a 2 GB RAM memory to be able to run a greater number of processes without messing up.

Phablet Fnac 2

Operating system and applications

Another point that we really liked about these teams is that they start with the Android 4.4 KitKat version . It is the latest revision of Google's operating system , which will allow users to enjoy the latest news and security updates on this platform. Many times, alternative manufacturers make good smartphones but with an older version of the system. Some of the aspects that have been most improved in KitKat are the performance and fluidity of the system, or the presence of a cover with the song that we are listening to on the lock screen. It is also useful for Google to analyze a call we receive from an unknown number in case it comes from a business.

Android offers a very wide universe of applications, with more than a million titles available. Some of the more prominent names include WhatsApp or Telegram , Runtastic for sports, Facebook or FB Reader for e-books. Nor should we neglect the weight of Google's own applications, such as the YouTube video platform or Google Maps to navigate with the smartphone.

Connectivity and sound

In the field of connections, one of the biggest attractions of this mobile is a double MicroSIM card slot . This function allows us to combine a personal line with another line dedicated to work. One of the few buts that we find in these smartphones is the lack of a 4G connection , which makes it less attractive for users who want to enjoy the high-speed mobile networks that are being deployed in Spain. What it does incorporate is WiFi and GPS to navigate and Bluetooth 4.0 to synchronize the smartphone with compatible equipment. Connections are completed with a MicroUSB portand with a 3.5 millimeter headphone slot. Also noteworthy is the Dolby certified sound system for a richer audio experience and the inclusion of an FM radio tuner , a feature that has disappeared from several top-tier equipment but which we find interesting.

Phablet Fnac 2

Autonomy, price and opinions

We have already finished the tour of these new Fnac smartphones with the technical aspect of autonomy. The chain of stores has not given official data on the endurance of the equipment, but on the power of the battery. Specifically, the five-inch models will have a 2,500 milliamp battery , while the 6-inch phablet makes the jump to 4,000 milliamps.

Regarding prices, the basic model Phablet Fnac 2 5 ″ HD has a starting price of 180 euros . The next configuration, the Phablet Fnac 2 5 ″ HD with 16 GB of memory goes up to 200 euros . Meanwhile, the Phablet Fnac 2 5 ″ FHD model with Full HD panel will cost 250 euros. Finally, the Phablet Fnac 2 6 ″ FHD configuration will be at 300 euros. In short, we find terminals with a set of very remarkable specifications. Especially if we make the leap to the most advanced configurations, we will be able to enjoy a technical list that has nothing to envy to the great launches on the market, and in which the powerful eight-core processor stands out above all . On the other hand, a common problem for most alternative manufacturers is the lack of compatibility with 4G networks.

Data sheet

Standard2G GSM 850/900/1800/1900 Mhz

3G HSPA + 900/1200 Mhz

Weight and measurements142 x 71 x 8.65 millimeters and 134 grams for the 5-inch models

160.3 x 83 x 9 millimeters and 170 grams for the 6-inch model

Memory and processor8 GB and 16 GB HD models. FHD 16 GB model

Expandable with microSD cards up to 32 GB

FHD model processor: Octa Core Cortex A7 up to 2 GHz MediaTek

HD model processor: Quad Core Cortex A7 up to 1.3 GHz MediaTek

2 GB RAM memory


Capacitive multi-touch screen

5-inch IPS / 6-inch IPS

Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels) 440 dpi

HD resolution (1290 x 720 pixels) 295 dpi

178º angle of view

OGS (One Glass Solution)

CameraRear 13 megapixel sensor


Double LED Flash

1080p video recording

Front 5 megapixel sensor

MultimediaPlay music, video and photos

Supported formats: Image .bmp / ​​.gif / .jpeg / .png / .wbmp / ​​.jps / .mpo / .webp

Video: .3gp / .mp4 / .flv / .webm / .avi / .mov / .mkv

Audio: .aac / .amr / .awb / .midi / .mp2 / .mp3 / .ogg /.wav/.ape/.flac/.eac3/.ac3

FM radio tuner

Dolby sound

Noise Cancellation

Controls and connectionsAndroid 4.4 KitKat


Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n 2.4 Ghz

Dual sim




3.5mm headphone output

Autonomy2500 milliamp battery for 5-inch models

4,000 milliamp battery 6-inch model

PricePhablet Fnac 2 5 ″ HD 8 GB: 180 euros

Phablet Fnac 2 5 ″ HD 16 GB: 200 euros

Phablet Fnac 2 5 ″ FHD with Full HD: 250 euros

Phablet Fnac 2 6 ″ FHD: 300 euros

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