How to work with two windows in the same Word document

Trick for Word

The Word of Microsoft is the text editor more powerful and used that exists today, much as in recent times there are alternatives increasingly full time may come to overshadow (as in the case of the editor of free texts LibreOffice , of which we have spoken to you a few times in this house). However, not so many users take advantage of the potential that this text tool hides, since many of us remain in the basic use of Word and do not get to delve into more advanced options.

An option that usually goes unnoticed, but which is quite useful for those users who work with heavy documents and want to check different parts of the document when making the correction is the possibility of dividing the same document into two views within the same window of Word. That is, a split view of the file as if we had two versions open and that we can edit simultaneously (changes in one of the windows appear automatically in the other window).

Trick for Word

The fastest shortcut to use this trick is to press Control + Alt + V . A bar will appear that we can move vertically along the screen and that serves to establish the cut-off point between the two views. Once we decide the place, just press on the screen and the barrier will be constituted. Another way to get to this point in newer versions of Word is to use the top bar.

To do this, we click on "View" and then "divide". From here you can also make the scrolling of the two windows synchronous (that they move at the same time when we download one of the two documents). Once we have finished using this option, all you have to do is click on the option  "remove division" in the View tab, press "Control + Alt + V" again or double click on the separation bar .