Dates and procedures of the 2016 Income declaration

Dates and procedures of the 2016 Income declaration

Has arrived the time of truth. You have to start preparing the 2016 income tax return. Do you know where to start? The first thing to keep in mind are the dates. Deadlines are important , because carelessness can lead to serious problems with the Treasury.

This year things have become quite simplified. For example, the FATHER program has disappeared. This legendary income tax filing tool has become extinct . And it gives way to a web service that was launched last year, but is now unique.

In this way, whether you are going to file the declaration yourself, or if you do it through a manager, you will only need your browser. You will not need to download add-on programs . But if you want to know everything about the 2016 Income campaign, keep reading below.

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Income Statement 2016, dates in sight

If you have the obligation to file the 2016 Income Tax return, you must take into account the following key dates:

  • 5th of April.  The 2016 Income campaign begins. However, it can only be presented by those who intend to do so online. The others, those who want to do it in person, will have to wait a little longer.
  • May 11 . If you need help to make your income tax return, you can choose to ask the Tax Agency itself. Then you will have to do it in person and make an appointment with the Treasury.
  • June 26 . This is the deadline you have to present the income statement if the result of it is to enter with direct debit.
  • June 30 . The other deadline is the last day of June. You have time until then to file the 2016 Income Tax return. Remember that if you do not file the return on time, the Tax Agency contemplates different financial penalties.
  • December 31st . The Tax Agency has until the last day of 2017 to return the amounts of the declaration. This means that if we are in August and you still have not received the resulting amount to your account, the Tax Agency will still be within the deadline.

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Everything you need to know about procedures

Like all campaigns, the 2016 Income Campaign that will be presented during this year 2017 will have important news . Thus, you should keep in mind the following:

  • Rent Web . Last year it was already introduced, but this time it is here to stay. The PADRE program is discarded, so you no longer have to download it. All rentals will be presented through the browser itself. Without further complications.
  • Download the draft from the Internet . If you work for someone else, you can download and present the draft at the time. This will make things much easier for you, because returns are also expedited. But if you are self-employed or a business owner, no. You can download the draft, but then you will have to make the relevant modifications through Renta Web. To download the draft you will have to identify yourself through your DNI or electronic certificate. You can also do it through the Cl @ ve PIN system or using the reference number.
  • Present the declaration . It will be necessary to do it with an electronic ID and / or certificate, if you do it through a manager or entity. If you decide to present it as a natural person, you can use the Cl @ ve PIN system.
  • Receive mobile notifications. Another interesting option if you want to be up to date on everything is to give the Tax Agency permission to communicate with you through text messages. In this way, you will be informed of all the movements that occur, including processing of the return, returns and income.