Laundroid, the robot that frees you from folding and sorting clothes

Laundroid, the robot that frees you from folding and sorting clothes

It may not be the most complicated task in a house, but few of us like to fold our clothes once they are clean. And despite the fact that today we have machines for almost everything, folding clothes is still a manual task. At least that's how it was until now. This year we saw a robot at CES that folds and sorts clothes . It's called Laundroid and it's the result of 12 years of development. Use robotic arms and an artificial intelligence system to classify clothes to our liking. Also, unlike other similar robots, the Laundroid will only require us to place the clothes in its "basket". Of course, it will not come cheap, since the first units will hit the market for $ 16,000.

The idea of ​​Laundroid is that we can leave the clothes “in the pile” in your basket and pick it up a few hours later, perfectly folded and classified . It has a capacity of between 30 and 40 pieces, and the process does not require user intervention. Of course, it will not be a quick process. Laundroid takes about 5 minutes per garment. Even something more if it is shirts or clothes that are more complicated to fold.

robot folds laundry Laundroid basket

In total, the company indicates that the bending process can take about 4 hours. This is why  Laundroid has been designed to operate with a very low noise level (35 dB) .

In addition, the robot includes two ways of classifying clothes: by categories and by family members . The latter works by registering users and making the artificial intelligence system memorize the garments. Once set up, Laundroid will be able to pull out multiple stacks of sorted clothes.

On the other hand, Laundroid will need a WiFi connection. This is because the robot uses information stored in the cloud to do its work . It also allows users to remotely check how the process is going.

The company that developed Laundroid is already working with Panasonic to create a machine that combines a washer, dryer and folder . And it is that the Japanese manufacturer is one of the main investors of the Laundroid project.

This folding robot will hit the US market in March this year. It will later be launched in Japan and China. Its price, as we said, will not be exactly accessible. Laundroid will go on sale for $ 16,000 , about 13,000 euros to change.