Samsung EcoBubble F-series washing machines, washing with electricity savings

Eco Bubble

They are probably the most famous washing machines on television . Samsung has shown the new generation of EcoBubble washing machines with some very interesting news. They are fast, clean, consume little and waste bubble technology. The washing machine is not the most attractive device in the electronics store, but new technologies are also coming to these computers to improve their performance.

The key to the invention is the bubbles . In this they are not very different from the first generation, but it is worth noting why it is different from other washing machines. EcoBubble's technology focuses on bubble washing, that is, a mixture of air and water that dissolves detergent and makes it easier to penetrate clothes.

The advantages of this system are simple. The results are the same when washing with cold water, as in a traditional hot wash . On the one hand, this makes the equipment consume less energy, as it does not have to heat a large amount of water . On the other hand, garments suffer less, since heat and long washing cycles are one of the things that most damages fabrics.

The novelties of this new generation of EcoBubble are basically to consume even less energy and to make the equipment more durable . It incorporates a new motor, which they have called Digital Inverter. With this, they have reduced the acoustic level of the washing machine, so that we have no problem putting it on even at night. In addition, this motor also increases energy efficiency , to consume even less electricity. The seven new models have different capacities to wash between seven and nine kilos of clothes, depending on the needs of each household.

Eco Bubble

The cutting edge technological detail in this case comes from the hand of a smartphone . Through a Smart Check application, the phone can analyze the performance of the washing machine , solving possible problems. You have to scan the washing machine display with your mobile, and the app will show a diagnosis of setbacks in the initial phase. It is a way to avoid calling a technician, solving possible problems before they occur.

But there is another detail that differentiates these washers from the rest: the design . And is that in recent years, all technology manufacturers have realized that devices not only have to be good to please the public, but also have to be beautiful . In this case, Samsung has proposed a very clean design, with a touch screen that responds to minimal friction and a single physical control in the form of a wheel. The door is completely transparent and allows you to see the interior without problems.

The range has undergone a complete renovation, with several different models to suit the needs of each type of home. We find models from 500 euros. They are not the cheapest on the market, but the investment can be worth it in a short time, as the Koreans promise that they spend up to 70% less electricity. The washing machine is one of the most consuming appliances in the house, so saving so much on electricity bills can be very worth it.