How to enable tracking protection in Chrome

How to enable tracking protection in Chrome

Every time you open the browser you come across advertising or spam? Chrome has an option that allows you to enable tracking protection for added security. In this way, you will prevent important information such as searches or various movements from being saved at the time of browsing, which is then often used, for example, to receive advertising or spam . If you want to keep your movements safe from eyes, here are the steps to activate Chrome's tracking protection.

To activate the protection against tracking in Chrome, the first thing you have to do is go to the icon with the three dots that is located in the upper right part of the browser, and then enter the configuration section. This will take you to another page with different options . Scroll to the bottom until you see an option that says "Advanced Settings."

Chrome 1

In the category "Privacy and security" choose "Send request not to track your browsing traffic . " You will see that a notice is displayed next to inform you of the decision you are making about avoiding web page crawling. Says the following:

Chrome 2

From here you just have to click on OK to activate the changes.

Other browsers with anti-tracking protection

Chrome is not the only browser that has this tracking protection system. Firefox included it recently, so it is no longer necessary to have to install an extension to activate it, it can be done directly in the security options. The company also found that this feature significantly improves page loading speed. In their tests, even load times were cut in half. Likewise, Microsoft Edge has the Inprivate option. InPrivate browsing mode is a feature that is available in Microsoft's browser to browse the web without leaving traces of browsing history, cookies, as well as other browsing data on the computer.