You can now scan a Spotify code to play a song instantly

You can now scan a Spotify code to play a song instantly

Sharing songs with your friends and family has never been an easy task. You often have to pass them a YouTube link so they can hear - and watch - the song you want. Now Spotify wants to make life easier for us.

The popular music streaming service has just launched a new system that works by reading QR codes . The company of Swedish origin has deployed a new functionality of codes that work in the style of Snapchat.

All you have to do to access the song you want is to capture an image of the code . And we can already hear it on our phone.

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Spotify code to play a song instantly

They are very similar to QR codes, although they are not identical. However, they do practically the same thing. By scanning this code you can share any song you want. But also a playlist or the entire discography of an artist, if you feel like it.

What do we avoid with this? Well, that of manually sharing the URL in question. A process that is undoubtedly much more cumbersome and that does not always work as it should. The codes are generated individually and can be activated from the application.

Best of all, in fact, the app has also been updated. From now on, within the search bar, we will find a function to activate the camera and read the QR code . In this way it will not be necessary to have an additional app to read this type of code.

You can spread it on social networks and messaging

You do not have to do practically anything, beyond getting the image of the code you want and share it through any messaging service or email. The first thing you will have to do is get the code in question . And this is very easy.

You can do it while listening to a song on Spotify . You can also search for it expressly. If you want to share your own playlist, the same. And if you intend to transfer an entire artist's discography to your friend, all you have to do is do a search and go to their biography. As simple as that.

Then you will have to rescue the code. You will see that at the top right of the screen there are three dots. Click here to access the code in question. It will be an individual sequence , which you can then share however you want with your colleagues.

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Codes in image format to share

What you will get is an image like the one you see above. As you can see, this is an impeccable graphic showing the album or single's artwork . In any case, it will be an image of the artist or his work.

This code - which will be in image format - can be disseminated directly through the Share option . Another option will be to save it in your phone gallery and then transfer it with whoever you want. You can do it by messaging, through WhatsApp, or using Facebook Messenger

You also have the option to share it on your favorite social networks. In this way, any of your followers or friends can scan the code . They can do it through the Spotify application. Because as we said, from now on it will include a tool to directly access the camera and capture these codes.

We can think of another use, which is to directly print the code . Thus, if you organize a playlist for a birthday party, a hen party or a family event, you can provide all your loved ones with the soundtrack of the event.

You can leave it hanging anywhere or simply include it in an invitation. The options are multiple, because to access the link of the song or the playlist, a photo of whoever wants to get the music will suffice .

This will also help artists to make promotional use of the codes . Simply insert one into an advertisement at the subway or bus stop so that everyone can access your music instantly.