WhatsApp fraud with the emergency number 088 resurfaces

WhatsApp scam

Be careful with what you share through WhatsApp , there are things that are very dangerous. We have already told you about this scam on other occasions, but now it has resurfaced again. It is a message that circulates through the famous messaging application in which it is indicated that a new free emergency telephone number has just been launched from mobile phones . The scammers indicate in the message that it is 088, a number that by the way, does not correspond to any emergency services. The police have warned, and not only now, that it is a false message, the dissemination of which can be quite dangerous. At the same time, users are reminded that there are currently only three numbers to communicate emergencies :# 112 # 062 and # 091 , all three free and even operating from a blocked mobile. In this way, it is convenient not to pay any attention to this message, much less forward it to other contacts, contributing to the general misinformation of citizens.

Any communication that we want to make about accidents, injuries and emergencies on the road will have to be made directly to one of the three numbers indicated. If calls to # 112  the cost will be free, but calls to  # 062 (Civil Guard) and # 091 (National Police) have a fixed cost of 0.0404 euros and 0.0150 euros per call, respectively. Be that as it may, we will call these phones in a timely manner and being an emergency, the cost of the call will matter little.

WhatsApp Scam

Forget WhatsApp chains

Let's say enough. We don't want to see any more chains on WhatsApp . If they send you a message that talks about the hypothetical closure of WhatsApp , if they ask you to resend so that a wish is fulfilled, if they tell you that by responding to a survey you will receive a voucher of 500 euros to buy in your favorite clothing store . It's all a lie. Do not access the fraudulent links that are included in these scam messages, do not answer surveys and above all, do not contribute to the snowball getting bigger . It is important to alert our contacts that this type of chain is a scam and that sharing it or falling into it can entail serious dangers.

Mercadona scam

There are no Mercadona checks or ZARA vouchers

In recent months, messages have proliferated indicating to users that they can receive vouchers of 150 euros for Mercadona's 150th anniversary or 500 euros to buy at ZARA  for answering a simple survey. These and other scams include fraudulent links, whose sole purpose is to collect user data to carry out this and other scams.

Some extra tips

  • Ditch the chains . They are absurd and waste our time. As if this were not enough, sometimes they bring viruses and make us fall for scams.
  • Be wary of gifts . Our grandparents already said it: nobody gives hard to four pesetas. How is Amancio Ortega going to give you 500 euros? Has Juan Roig become generous to deliver thousands of 150-euro Mercadona vouchers?
  • Warn your friends . I'm sure that many don't listen to you, but insist as many times as necessary. Forwarding these types of chains only helps these scams become relevant again and again.