Samsung brings its WaterWall dishwashers to Spain

Samsung brings its WaterWall dishwashers to Spain

Dishwashers have become essential in our homes. To live without them would be to go back a few years. And wasting time: a lot of time. Now Samsung has wanted to contribute its grain of sand to modernization in homes, with the arrival of the Samsung Waterwall in Spain.

The Samsung Waterwalls are a new range of dishwashers that until now had only been available in the United States. And now we can also buy here. They stand out for having a high pressure wall that replaces the classic rotating arms . Which is just what we can find in all conventional dishwashers.

And what is this technique for? Well, according to Samsung, to offer all dishwasher utensils a good level of pressure. And do it in all phases of washing. To achieve this, dishwashers have up to six water injectors that supply flow . This is thanks to a deflator, which is responsible for moving around the entire base of the dishwasher.

Samsung WaterWall

Samsung WaterWall, high pressure dishwasher with more functions

In addition to this high-pressure technology, Samsung WaterWall dishwashers have a so-called Zone Booster function. It is a power accelerator for specific areas. On the other hand, a couple of individual washing areas are included.

One is for pots and pans, which as you know are always dirtier and need more pressure. Well, in this case what they can provide is 15% more power than a normal cycle . The second is an area that works at a lower temperature and is especially suitable for plates and glasses. With less degrees and with a softer pressure, they will help us to protect the dishes.

Another cool feature is the AutoOpen gate. This opens automatically when the wash cycle ends, in order to circulate air. This greatly speeds up drying. And if you need to wash faster, you can select the Quick 55 ′ program, with which you can wash and dry the dishes in just 55 minutes .

The models that the consumer will have at their disposal are a version finished in stainless steel . And another in white. The outer handle includes an LED light and a control panel, from which the user can start the washing programs.

For now, the Samsung WaterWall family is available through two models. The DW60M9550FS / EC WaterWall costs 1,000 euros, while the DW60M9550FW / EC WaterWall is on sale for 950 euros. In fact, they will be sold from this month of September .