What happened to Zetta, the Extremaduran company that sold modified Xiaomi phones

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Image taken from El Androide Libre.

October 2016, Forocoches publicly denounces the practices of Zetta, a company of Extremadura origin that claimed to be the creator of the “Extremadura iPhone”. Xiaomi phones are hidden behind them that are supposedly modified by the only three employees of the company, modifications that in most cases are limited to hiding the logos of the Chinese firm by means of stickers. Four years later, those responsible for the alleged fraud have limited themselves to keeping silent before the media . The question is mandatory: what happened to this company after the scandal?

2017, Zetta continues to sell mobiles allegedly under another company

In September 2017, several media echoed the news. Apparently, those responsible for Zetta continue to distribute Xiaomi phones on a large scale through the commercial name Mayorista de movil en España SL . Coincidentally, the tax address of the company coincides with the address of Movishark Europa SL, the company behind Zetta.

The business activity of the company is supposedly focused on selling Xiaomi mobiles for a price well above that which the company itself sets in Spain through authorized sellers. The sales channels used are not made public until two years later. The store that gave the company its name, Zaframóvil, continues to be the only physical channel through which its products are distributed.

February 2019, the Prosecutor's Office asks Singapore for reports of alleged Zetta fraud

The newspaper HOY Extremadura launches the news: Extremadura Justice requests reports from Xiaomi and some telecommunications experts to investigate the alleged fraud of Zetta . Until then there is no news from either party. Apparently, Xiaomi has not responded to the requirements of the Prosecutor's Office. Neither did those responsible for comment on the matter, probably due to the decrease in the lawsuits filed against Zetta by users.

As we can read in the original article TODAY, Zetta has financially compensated all the clients who have taken the company to court . A year later, no generalist media have echoed the legal process of the society created in Extremadura.

March 2019, the creators of Zetta create Manzanalibre, another store with Xiaomi mobiles

Just two years later, the Applicantes website denounces the unauthorized sale of Xiaomi mobiles through a website called Manzanalibre. The legal person in charge of this website, focused on the sale of different mobile brands, is Mobile Wholesalers in Spain SL : the company that in 2017 replaced Movishark Europa SL.

zetta xiaomi mobiles zafra 2

Current appearance of the manzanalibre.com website.

In the original Applicantes article, Alberto Payo, in charge of making public the practices of the aforementioned company, assures that Xiaomi has confirmed to the media "not having any relationship with the Manzanalibre website . After contacting the Zaframóvil store, a business linked to the aforementioned website, the person in charge of answering the call timidly assures that "they have the collaboration of Xiaomi.

2020, the store is no longer operational

Currently the website manzanalibre.com does not link any product shown in its catalog. While the store has become a showcase for refurbished iPhones, iPads, and mobile phone accessories, the truth is that none of the items are accessible .

zetta xiaomi mobiles zafra 1

The page shows messages like the one in the image when accessing products from the store's catalog.

We have also not found online stores associated with the company name Mayoristas de movil en Españas SL. The conclusion is that the group has closed all its operations on the Internet.